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Job Description Paper

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Job descriptions are an important part of preparing for the selection process. “A job description identifies characteristics of the job to be performed in terms of the tasks, duties, and responsibilities to be fulfilled. Job descriptionsserve as a standard or a benchmark for many HR matters such as compensation, performance evaluations, training needs assessments, and promotions.”(Youssef 2009) It includes the skills or knowledge needed to perform a particular job. It may also include the person to whom the position reports. For the human resource manager position in organizations, there are different duties, skills and (related to school and learning) qualifications which the person holding ...view middle of the document...

It is the duty of this office to take care of employee relations. The office has to ensure that the employees' needs and complaints are well taken care of. Whenever employees have any complains or issues, it is upon this office to look into these issues, and come up with the most appropriate solution. The office also ensures that employees are fully represented when it comes to decision making especially on matters affecting their welfare. This position is also responsible for employees' safety and wellness. It has to ensure that the employees work in safe places. Whenever there is any risk of an accident, it is upon the office to ensure that the danger is eliminated. Sometimes, it is the duty of this office to counsel employees. This happens (in the original position) where the employee is facing some mental problems either related to the job doing or family problems. The office is given the job of the duty of assisting the employee in his or her mental problems (Storey, 2007). 
Skills and abilities required in this position 
In order to be as effective as possible in this position, a person needs to have several skills and abilities. One of these skills is being an effective decision maker. This is effective when dealing with employees' complains or other issues in the organization. This enables the HR manager to come up with the most appropriate solutions to the problems. Being a skilled influencer is also an important skill, as it enables the HR manager to get the support of the organization members in order to steer it forward. The other important skill for this position is being curious andcurious. This enables the HR manager to keep on looking into new ways of running the organization in order to develop it. 
Educational needed thing and knowledge needed for this position 
In most cases, the minimum education needed thing for this position is post-secondary education training for around four years in a course related to human resource management. However, in highly fancy (or smart) organizations which deal with highly qualified employees, the minimum needed thing is usually a bachelor's degree in human resource management or a degree in any social sciences...

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