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Job Description Essay

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Working within the Job Description
BUS 303: Human Resources Management

Job Description


A job description circles out the drive of a job, where the job turns into the association structure, the chief responsibilities and tasks of the job and the important tasks to be done. A job description is a series that an individual might practice for overall tasks, or purposes, and accountabilities of a selected position. It might often involve the location reports, stipulations such as the educations or trainings wanted by the individual in the job, or an income range.

Job Description of Selected Position

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Hiring, recruitment and selection of the employees is also conducted under the supervision of HR Manager (Unknown, 2006).

Tools and Technology

The HR Manager must be aware of all the tools and technology being used in the modern world. The soft wares pertaining to maintain employees’ data, applications and programs on computer that help to make pay roll, salary charts and appraisals performances. Similarly, online hiring and interview system is well-known everywhere now. Human resource management is developing into a further technology-based occupation. In many organizations, workers now see the outside of HR as a gateway rather than an individual. This alteration of HR facility delivery, known as “e-HR”, wants a central change in the method HR authorities view their parts.


The knowledge of HR Manager must be according to the current scenario of the organization. In every organization and every department, HR activities are dealt differently. Knowledge of rules, regulations and policies regarding employees and the organization is very essential. The basic key role of HR manager is to align the individual goals with the organizational goals. Law and Government, Psychological issues, administration and dealing with labors and union, these all are the issues about which HR Manager should have complete knowledge.

Skills and Abilities

Active listening, coordination and communication between the employees and the authorities are the basic skills of a HR Manager. Similarly, decision making from step to step, negotiating on rules, Critical thinking on various ideas, techniques and methods he/she is going toa dopt for the betterment of his employees. Social perceptiveness and complex problem solving techniques are the techniques that HR manager should be aware of. Motivating and inspiring employees to give better result are also the smart abilities of the HR Manager. Last but not least, the HR Manager should know about all the conflict handling approaches and styles.

Educational Requirements

The educational requirement of this position varies from organization to organization. But it is essential that HR Manage should have the education in Human resource management field of study....

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