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Job Analysis Paper

1312 words - 6 pages

Public Speaking – COMMSTUD.103
Preparation Outline Guide for all 3 graded speeches
The preparation outline helps you prepare the speech. The outline reflects a student’s research and thoughts about their presentation topic. In addition, this outline helps to verify that the speech is the original work of the student. Furthermore, the instructor uses the outline to provide comments and suggestions to students for future speeches.

Guidelines for writing the Preparation Outline:
Please see chapter 10 for additional information about preparation outlines and a sample preparation outline with commentary. The preparation outline must be 2 to 3 pages, typed, stapled, and free of ...view middle of the document...

The purpose of this submission is to scan outlines forplagiarism through a program called Turnitin. Therefore, it is very important that each student cite sources properly and not copy the work of other students or from the Internet. If an outline is found to be plagiarized, the student will receive a “0” for the speech grade. (Note: Copies of PowerPoint slides do not need to be submitted on Bolt.)

Late Preparation Outline policy:
1. A WRITTEN preparation outline (due at the time of your presentation) that is late (i.e. handed in after you deliver the speech) will result in a penalty of 15% per week late. (A “B+” speech would become a “D+” speech).

2. Failure to place a copy of the preparation outline on Bolt before the speech is given will result in a penalty of 5%, and the speech grade will be recorded as a “0” until the file has been placed in the dropbox.

For example, I do not hand in a WRITTEN outline prior to my speech. Therefore, I earn a penalty of 15% on my speech. In addition, I fail to submit my outline to BOLT prior to class. Another 5% will be taken off of my speech. My total penalty at this point is 20%. If I elect not to submit an outline at all, my speech grade will be a “0” regardless of the quality of my performance.

Sample Structure:
The following is a guideline to use as you develop your preparation outline. Your outline will not be identical since your material and your organizational pattern will determine how many main points and sub-points you need.

Title of Speech

Specific Purpose Statement: To inform (or persuade or entertain) my audience about . . .

Pattern of Organization:(Topical Order, Problem–solution Order, Chronological order, etc.)

I. INTRODUCTION: Here you can offer some of the ideas you have for the introduction. Label the following parts of the introduction as you compose it:
A. Attention Grabber:
B. Reveal Topic:
C. Credibility Statement:
D. How topic relates to audience:
E. Preview of main points:


[connective: Make sure the audience knows you are moving from the introduction to the first main point.Write it out like you would say it in the speech.]

A. Main Point 1: State the first main point of the speech in a complete sentence.
1. sub-point - Use subpoints and sub-sub points as needed. Give some details for each subpoint. You can also indicate what your supporting material is: Will you tell a story here, will you state some testimony, or present some statistics?
2. sub-point

[connective: Create a connective to help the audience move from the 2nd main point to the third.]

B. Main Point 2: Another full sentence that states your second main point of the speech.
1. sub-point
2. sub-point

[connective: help the audience know you aredone with main point 2and are moving on to main point 3.]

C. Main Point 3: Another full sentence that states your third main point of the speech.
1. sub-point

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