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Job Analysis And Selection

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InterClean Job Analysis and Selection
Human Capital Management HRM/531
May 3, 2010

InterClean, Inc. recently has merged with EnviroTech thus placing the organization in a position to be in command of the cleaning industry. The organization is moving in a new strategic direction with focus on not only offering cleaning products, but also providing full-service cleaning solutions to the health care industry. New members of the sales team will selected and a development plan created. A job analysis will be performed and a workforce planning system explained. The selection method will be identified revealing advantages and disadvantages, and new team members will be revealed highlighting ...view middle of the document...

The disadvantages will not be a barrier in moving forward with the analysis.
Salesperson Job Duties and Specifications
The potential salesperson will need to possess the following skills and abilities.
• Be familiar with computer-based programs, which is necessary in tracking clients and communication.
• Have knowledge of the organizations goods and services and applies this knowledge to understanding the customer’s needs and objectives.
• Have experience in sales and working in a team environment.
• Have an understanding of the health care cleaning industry.
• Be a strategic thinker and planner to maximize use of time, and be willing to learn and share ongoing skills and development to sell more effectively.
Workforce Planning System
The workforce planning system will focus on strategies that align with InterClean’s organizational values and goals. Because of InterClean’s growth, and the need for additional staff, it is important to do a talent inventory to be sure qualified people are meeting the demands of customer needs. With InterClean moving in a new strategic direction, new challenges may arise as we shift into the new market, therefore the workforce planning will address issues that drive change as we anticipate workforce needs. The organization is anticipating hiring a vice-president of sales, a sales manager, a sales representative, a regulatory and compliance representative, a training representative, and an educator.
Moving forward, InterClean will need to develop structured training programs with focus on meeting customer needs. The training program will be extensive and give tools considered necessary for the sales team to provide outstanding sales and service. Sales force compensation will also be restructured to allow a base-pay and commission. InterClean wants the sales representatives to build relationships with customers and not be over forceful in sales; small commissions on sales will likely help team members feel he or she are sharing in the organization’s success.
Selection Method
InterClean will incorporate several methods into selecting appropriate staff members to join the team. The process will begin with application forms for screening purposes, and will focus on recommendations and reference checks. Internal and external candidates will be considered for current job openings.
The organization has recently revised the work application in an effort to focus only on valid and fair information with respect to the position for which the applicant is applying. InterClean is compliant with equal employment opportunity guidelines and case law. A disadvantage to the application process is that a candidate has the potential to omit certain information pertaining to work history, which is why it is important to check references. Prior to checking references InterClean will request consent from the candidate. InterClean will only focus on factual...

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