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Jk Rowling Use Of Language Essay

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60 Minutes interview 'Childhood' J K Rowling
J K Rowling interview

In this interview with Rowling, he spoken language throughout is still quite stuttered while she is answering the questions and she takes a little while to think about what she is going to say as she answers, and she uses fillers while answering if she doesn’t know what she actually going to say as her response. For example she says “Erm” a lot as she thinks about what to say. Also she stutters a lot suggesting that she doesn’t actually know what she is about to say, or she is thinking of the best possible answer for the question.

She even contradicts herself in an answer at one point, saying “So when you’re happy, ...view middle of the document...

Rowling response to that statement was “They can be vicious and I – I was bullied and erm I hated it erm I had great friends which got me through that no problem.” In this answer she stutters a lot and when saying the word ‘vicious’ she puts lots on emphasis on this word. She says it quite viciously herself, making her answer sound vicious. Her stuttering during this answer suggests that she is quite uncomfortable talking about her childhood; she also uses a lot of fillers (erm), filling in her pauses in her speech so there isn’t any awkward silences between them while she thinks about what to say. Rowling looks at the floor most of the time throughout the interview and when she does look up she doesn’t really make any eye contact with the interviewer.

The interviewer goes on to make another statement “INT: You were an unhappy child.” Again this statement isn’t entirely true; again trying to get Rowling to put more detail into the interview. The interviewer trying to get some information off of Rowling.

In the ’60 minute’ interview of JK Rowling is talking about childhood, she talks to us about who she was and how she behaved when she was young and went to school. She talks to the interviewer about how she was bullied when she was younger and how she who’d find herself ‘going home in tears’ as she says.

After saying this JK Rowling finds herself saying ‘yeah’, not as in the slang way of speaking, but she says it to try and get a reaction out of the interviewer, this way she knows if the interviewer understands what she’s talking about. JK Rowling has to do this because the interviewer speaks few and far between, almost as if to see where JK Rowling takes herself in her own answer. For example the interviewer says ‘you were an unhappy child.’ JK Rowling then finds herself talking about a young boy wait for her with a cricket bat. But at this point JK Rowling realises what has happened and stops herself that’s why she stops the story there so she doesn’t say something that will fault her appearance in any way at all. That is what the interviewer wants to find out about, something that doesn’t seem right for JK Rowling’s figure and reputation. This also happens when she starts to talk but then corrects herself because she might say something she’ll regret, she says ‘I- there’, this shows she had to rethink what she was about to say before she said it.

You can also see that JK Rowling is trying to protect her public image by thinking about what she says as she goes; this is the cause for her hesitations that appear many a time in this interview. This is also the reason for her fillers that she uses.

JK Rowling uses a lot of emphasis, but not without reason, she uses it to highlight key words and sometimes to correct herself. Like at the end she says ‘mine clearly isn’t because it won’t let me erase it!’ she emphasises the ‘mine’ to make her voice be heard over that of the interviewer. She is trying to get her point across because...

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