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Jhf Business Problems And Solutions Essay

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The purpose of the report is to identify the business problems areas of JHF and to emphasis on the fact that the implementation of information technology and information system will ensure smooth business operation.

Frank has been able to identify that the business will be need revamp and will require new information systems to management all the functional areas of the business.

Transactions and management of information has been a major issue for JHF and implementation of an ...view middle of the document...

Communication has been the main issue in JHF as they have depending on outdated systems and there was no one employed who was highly proficient in this area. Increase in business demand the companies to ensure that they have all the modern technologies in place which will ensure that the business is running smooth as well as the customer’s base stronger.

Information Management System

Information system in simple terms is a collection of data comprising of software, hardware, people, procedures, and business data. This system is designed to produce information that will help in supporting the everyday activities depending on the user of the information system. There are nearly five different types of information system: (Jessup et al 2008)

1. Office Information system
2. Management information system
3. Decision information system
4. Transaction processing system
5. Expert system

The office information system helps in facilitating communication between the workers through hardware, networks and software. Employees will be able to perform some of the activities electronically rather than the manual system. This IS helps in interchange of information between different department employees in the form of messages, documents etc. (Shelly et al 1999)

Transaction IS helps in maintaining the everyday transaction details of a business. The details include billing, payment, orders, etc. This system will allow the workers to enter the data in the system which is electronic record and can be access any time of the year. (Shelly et al 1999)

Management IS will is used for development of information to carry out management process. The information will can be used by the company to solve any problems and make any decisions. Periodic business performance report can be generated through this system which can help in analyzing the scope for improvement in the business. (Shelly et al 1999)

A decision information system will enable the company to take decision whenever required as the data is acquired from both internal and external sources. Statistical information, graphs and charts all can be taken from this information system. (Shelly et al 1999)

Expert’s information system is basically used to store the information and data received from the experts of the fields and later on passing the information to the people with less proficiency in the company. It’s like of applying human intelligence to the computers. (Shelly et al 1999)

Even though JHF needs IS in lot of areas but currently the most important IS that they require is the transaction management system. As JHF has been encountering lot of problems in terms of wage calculation, orders, management of prices and communication all around, combination of transaction information system and management information system is recommended. Both these system will cover the currently problematic areas of the business and stabilize the functioning of the business by...

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