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Jewish Studies Essay

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Social Drama- A Social drama deals with the social relationship between characters. Within the social drama, conflicts and contrasts between the characters personality emerge. What often emerges from these conflicts and contrasts are social changes that frequently question certain morals and deals with the issues of an individual against the rules of society. Such examples of this drama were seen in Barbara Myerhoff’s book “Number Our Days”. The contrast between Anna and Sophee clearly falls under the context of social drama. Social drama can also be found within the book during the graduation ceremony and resignationprocess. After reading the book “Number ...view middle of the document...

Rite of passage- In some cultures, a ritual is performed( known as the rite of passage) by an individual when it is time to grow into adulthood from adolescence. For me, being raised in a catholic environment, going to Sunday school and then getting my confirmation in eighth grade could be considered a rite of passage. For Mark Puddington, his rite of passage was probably harder than most peoples. In a documentary we watched in class one day, we learned about a teenager with a wide array of disabilities and his journey to attend and complete his Bar Mitzvah. A Bar Mitzvah for anyone is considered a rite of passage, but taking into account the
circumstances for Mark, his daily struggles that will probably never leave him, this particular Bar Mitzvah definitely stands out as one of the most memorable examples of rite of passages that I’ve seen.
In the book “The Life of Judaism” edited by Harvey Goldberg, chapter four discusses Synagogue life among American Reform Jews. In this chapter, there are several examples of how these American Jews struggle to obtain a certain identity within America. Reform Judaism developed in 19th century Europe as Jews sought to prove they could fit into something besides their accepted society, a society much wider than before. Some of this reform included more of a stress on shared traits between Christianity and Judaism. Being part of a reform synagogue in America also raised some questions among Jews. Issues of “Jewishness” ( questions of identifying how Jewish one may be ) were repeatedly raised. The identity of being a consistent participant as an American reform Jew could be expressed in a couple of ways. Some ways of

indentifying yourself as a participant would be through social activism within and outside your synagogue. However, sometimes these forms of social activism events were poorly attended. All of this cultivates into a general...

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