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Jewish Military Essay

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The existence of any society is highly dependent on security. Since antiquity civilizations have been exploited and/or decimated due to incapability's of providing for their own security. For centuries, the Jewish people, whether in the contemporary state of Israel or in the Diaspora have been victims of .persecution by superior empires and denied the right to their own sovereignty. Historically, world Jewry has experienced humiliation, persecution and at times decimation. Rejecting the Jews is best illustrated by observing Jewry under the most powerful and merciless of empires. The Romans, who ruled during the origins of Christianity, have been the most effective when it came to the ...view middle of the document...

This denial and rejection exemplifies the degree of insult towards the Jewish people.The underlying importance of this rejection and inability to provide for their own subsistence through security is based on the idea that Jews have been deprived of their potentialities. The historical social, economic, political and religious rejection of the Jews reveals a sense of loss, the inability to secure themselves from the dangers around them, this has caused them to live with a continuous sense of fear. Jewry has been dedicated to a religion. Faith has kept world Jewry strong and provided for their subsistence. For the Jewish people faith has provided the basis for how a civilization of people could at times withstands the dreadful and radical perpetrators of persecution and violence, yet at times fall with the honour and faith to Judaism in which they have been for so long dedicated to. Past persecution of Jews has made the existence of a Jewish military a necessity for the revival of world Jewry and the protection of the Jewish people in the contemporary state of Israel. The argument is best supported by observing the systematic evolution of the restoration movement in the articles of Abraham Isaac Kook and Israel Eldad, followed by examining an article by Yeshayahu Leibowitz illustrating the event of Kibiyeh and the necessity for Jewish security in the contemporary state of Israel.The destruction of our day is a preparation for a new and unique Renaissance (Hertzberg, 1997). A new beginning by means of an autonomous state of Israel. "The day has come, it is very near when the world will grow gentler; we can begin to prepare ourselves, for it will soon be possible for us to conduct a state of our own founded on goodness, wisdom, justice, and the clear Light of God" (Hertzberg, 1997). The creation of the state of Israel is not only essential to the securing of the Jewish people who for two thousands years have been deprived of political independence and the ability to develop military tradition, but also to the securing of the structure of the world. The early 20th century which was tottering in the bloody tempest of war, demands the upbuilding of a Jewish nation. The building of the state of Israel along with the revelation of its creation is one in the same process (Hertzberg. 1997). Furthermore, the rebuilding of a shaken world can be found in a unifying force in the soul of the Holy Congregation of Israel. World civilization is crumbling, the human spirit is weakened, and darkness is enveloping all the nations (Hertzberg. 1997). Considering the frail status of the world, the time is ripe and through the creation of the state of Israel humanity can rise to a level of consciousness enabling world reconstruction. According to the Zionist idea reflected in the writing of Abraham Isaac Kook, the Jewish people are called to provide for their own subsistence. Furthermore, Kook states that with the depth of prayer and commitment to the Torah along with...

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