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Jewish Marriage Essay

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Analyse how Jewish religious practices influence the live of adherents (Marriage).
Marriage influences the life of Judaism adherents because the Jewish people place an importance on the home and family as the centre of Jewish life. Marriage is therefore much valued and anticipated in Judaism and it is considered the basic unit of the Jewish community. A Jewish marriage is based on the covenantal relationship with God and it is believed that the future of the whole people depends upon marriage and the rearing of children.
Judaism considers marriage to be humanity’s ideal state of existence and marriage is also viewed as a contractual bond commandment by god in which a man and a woman come ...view middle of the document...

On the day of the marriage, the wedding takes place under the chuppah, but before the wedding ceremony, there is a veiling ceremony where the groom accompanied by his parents, Rabbi and guests is lead to the bride and he covers her face with the veil. This action has biblical antecedents shown in Genesis 24: 65 “just before Rebecca met Isaac she took the veil and covered herself”. The placing of the veil over the bride is done to ensure that the groom is marrying the right woman he loves and it’s a sign of modesty as placing the veil over the brides face can be viewed and considered a chuppah.
After the veiling ceremony the couple is lead o the chuppah for actual wedding ceremony. It is a customary that the groom is lead by two attendants to the chuppah first, this is because the chuppah is seen as the domain of the groom and he must welcome the bride into it. This is seen in exodus 19:17 at Mount Sinai when Moses led the people out of camp to greet God.
The wedding ceremony takes place under a canopy known as the chuppah both the bride and groom where white clothing which represents spirituality and physical purity and a sign of mortality, for when they both die they will wear white shrouds. The bride wears a white dress and the groom wears a white robe known as the kittel made out of linen cotton and contains no pockets. The absence of pockets on the kittel indicate that the bride takes him as he is and not for what he has.
During the wedding ceremony the Rabbi recites a blessing over a glass of wine and gives the couple a prenuptial blessing and then both the bride and groom sip the groom gives the bride a ring. The ring is seen as more than a mere symbol. It is the giving of the ring, and not the blessing said by the Rabbi, that makes the couple man and wife.
The exchange of the ring at the marriage ceremony goes back to the days of the return from exile from Babylon Nehemiah 7:46, the ring is seen as a symbol...

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