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Jet Blue Essay

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Problems at JetBlue
David Neeleman CEO was the founder and creator of JetBlue’s Airlines. His philosophy was to bring back humanity to the airline industry with a combination of innovation and technology. CEO Neeleman felt that customers were supposed to have the accessibility to high quality airline service at affordable prices. It has been said that ...view middle of the document...

All of the other airline competitors had cancelled flights where JetBlue thought that we would be able to fulfill all of their fight, but once they didn’t realize they would need to cancel flights until the weather got worse which in the end cause for thousands of stranded passengers in terminals and hundreds sitting around for hours on airplanes sitting as long as 10 + hours on the tarmack.
What Jet Blue needed to was take an intense look at how the company managed its IT to help ensure that such severe incidents such as this doesn’t happen again. When David Neeleman was interviewed by the New York Times, he stated he had pilots emailing him stating “I am available, what do I do?” To insure that things such as this don’t happen again Jet Blue needs to upgrade their online, customer service for center reservation system to handle its passengers inquiries that levels to meet peak periods when problems such as severe weather problems may arise.

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