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Jesus Reflection Essay

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Jesus Reflection
Jesus taught us how to live a life God wanted us to live. His teaching was of love and the kingdom of God. In Matthew chapter 5, Jesus went into details of how to follow the commandments of Moses. For he did not come to destroy the law, but to fulfill the law that was given to the people of Israel. Jesus also let us know that God will bless us for all the suffering that we face on this earth especially if we suffer for his name sake. Jesus taught us to love one another. We should not be angry with each other but we should forgive one another. If we do get angry we should try to seek peace and not revenge.
In chapter 6 of Matthew, Jesus taught us the value of money, prayer and fasting. We as Christians, we should try to help the needy and not boost about it. Jesus feed 5000 people with two loaves of bread and 5 fish. We as Christians should seek heavenly things for we can not serve two masters. We give the government what is due and we give God ...view middle of the document...

Jesus show us the love and compassion that God have for his people. Through Jesus life we can see God truly wants a relationship with his people.
Jesus’s death and resurrection was prophesied in the book of Isaiah chapter 53 and carried out in the book of Luke chapters 22-24. Before his death Jesus prayed for himself and God’s people. He prayed so hard that his sweat was like blood. Judas betrayed Jesus with a kiss. Jesus went from Pilate to Herod because they found no fault in him but the people of the land wanted him to be crucified. Jesus was nail to the cross for our sins. He was beat so we can be healed. When Jesus hung on the cross the sun refuses to shine. Yet he did not say a word. When Jesus command his soul back to God and died, there was a earthquake and the certain in the temple rip down the middle and when the people witness these things, they believe that Jesus was innocent.
Jesus was crucified of Friday right before the sabbath. Joseph redeemed his body and put him in a tomb.However; on Sunday when the ladies came to anoint his body he was not there, for he has risen from the dead as he told them he would. Jesus made appearance to many of his disciples, but they did not believe. Jesus fulfill every prophecy that was written about him by the forefathers when he raised from the dead. As Jesus ascend to heaven, he bless his disciple and promised to send the Holy Spirit until he return.
Jesus promise to return one last time. The next time he return, it will be for his people. When do not know when Jesus will return. He does not know as well. However; when he return we must be ready. Before he return, the world will be in chaos. Man will be completely evil and have turned away from God. He word will taught all over the world and people will still not listen. There will be false prophets so we must be aware. That will be the last time Jesus come back.
I have learned what ever I do in this life, I must keep God first. In the education field where we can not speak on religion, I have to let God glory shine through my actions and the way that I live my life. I have to set an example for everyone that I meet so God can have his glory. In todays society there are plenty of bad example of how to lust after the world. I hope that through my life people can see how God bless his people.

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