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Jesus Reflection Essay

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August 17, 2013
Christian Worldview
Mrs. Farley

Jesus Reflection Essay

What I learned from the Jesus film was about his teaching. I have to say he preached a lot of good words and I wished I can see various people practice his words in society and cultural. There are some people who follow and read the Bible to start their life on a righteous path and there are some that I see our falling into sins and wrong choices in life.
In the book of Matthew I think Jesus was teaching the people how to carefully listen to one another and follow the rules and they will forever parish in God’s Kingdom. The teaching goes along with cultural because families and churches can keep the traditions ...view middle of the document...

There was a nun in the movie was saying “Why would you want to live up there and all that he created for us is here?”
In the book of Mark and the film of Jesus, I remember when Jesus healed two people the guy who had a demon inside him and the little girl. What I learned from the film was about how miracles are performed by Jesus. The guy with the demon inside him reminded me about how people often say “I have a few demons to fight off!” I know they were saying about their addiction to a resource that they cannot fight off. In today society I realize there are numerous people who have a certain type of demons inside them, but it up to them and their faith in God and Jesus to get it out of them. I remember in the book of Mark when the woman who was bleeding for twelve years and she touched Jesus garment and instantly she was healed, and Jesus wanted to know who touched his garment and she fell to her knees and Jesus said to her “Daughter, your faith has made you well; go in peace, and be healed of your disease” (Mark 5:34, ESV). I believe that when you have faith in God then miracles and good things will come your way. In the film I also saw another miracle when Jesus helped a young girl who was sick and everyone thought she was dying. In other cultural they perform miracles too, I remember when I was spending the summer in Mississippi and I had a sinus headache and my grandmother is Baptist and she did not have any Tylenol or Aspirin, she was saying “We are going to get that demon out of you!” I am Muslim, and to me it was just a sinus headache and all I needed were some pills to make it go away. My grandmother got some oil rubbed on my forehead and she said repeat after me and so I did. I think...

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