Jesus And Mohammed Essay

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Jesus and Mohammed
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Jesus and Mohammed
Jesus and Mohammed both represent major figures in the Christianity and Muslim religions respectively. These two religions are completely different but each figure is of equal importance to their respective religions from the way each of their followers pray down to the holidays each celebrate. Jesus is of the Christian religion and Mohammed is of the Islam religion. These two figure are easily the two biggest, most recognized names in religion today due to the billions of combined believers in each faith.
It is considered across most Christianity sects that Jesus was born on December 25th in the city ...view middle of the document...

Jesus’s life is a mystery for the most part. He worked as a carpenter until the age of 30. At one point he found John the Baptist and was baptized by him (Fisher, 2005). After being baptized, Jesus fasted in the desert for 40 days and nights to be tempted by sin, or evil. Jesus rose above temptation and then started to spread the word of God, his father. During this time he had 12 disciples that went everywhere he did. These disciples continued to spread his teachings even after Jesus’s death. Jesus showed individuals that all of life’s treasures existed in heaven, or in spirituality, rather than materially. He gained believers by performing miracles like; turning water to wine, walking on water, healing the sick, casting out demons of those possessed, restoring dead back to life, and creating copious amounts of food out of just loaves of bread and fish so no one went hungry (Fisher, 2005).
Jesus’s teachings had a lot to do with love. His main rule was to love God with all of your heart. He also taught followers to turn the other cheek, or to love others regardless of their imperfections or short comings because we are all sinners. By teaching this he is showing that all make mistakes and no one should be judged by anyone but God himself in their death on their judgment day. Jesus also preached that anyone who truly seeks to have salvation in Heaven for eternity must ask God for forgiveness for their sins. It is widely believed by most Christians that anyone who truly asks God for forgiveness will go to Heaven in the afterlife.
Jesus was very opposed to hypocrisy even though he was viewed as a hypocrite by most Jewish authorities. This is due to his teachings stating that Moses along with Elijah would return signifying that the world would then end and that Elijah would return as John the Baptist (Fisher, 2005). Jesus claiming to be the son of God did not help him either as far as the Romans were concerned. Claiming to be the son of God made Jesus an enemy to the Roman Empire. Knowing this, Jesus still chose to return to Jerusalem and had the last supper anyway. At this supper he announced one of his disciples had betrayed him. After this admission he was arrested and crucified by the Roman Empire. Jesus told one of his disciples that he would return from the afterlife three days later. Many Christians to this day await his return again to signify the true Day of Judgment.
Mohammed was born in Saudi Arabia in 570 AD. He was an orphan early on, being raised by his uncle as a shepherd. Mohammed was in his teenage years before someone noticed his identifying marks, indicating prophet status (Fisher, 2005). At the age of 25, Mohammed married a woman 15 years older than he was at the time. Her name was Khadijah and she would support Mohammed throughout his life and be his biggest supporter at that. At 40, Mohammed was on a spiritual...

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