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Jesus And Mohammed Essay

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Jesus and Mohammed


Jesus and Mohammed

Jesus and Mohammed are two of human history's most important figures. Who were these men and why are they so important to religion today? Jesus of Nazareth is the key figure in what is arguably the world's most practiced faith; Christianity. Mohammed is the central figure in what is the world's second largest religion by adherents, Islam. The accounts of the lives of both of these men may be argued for centuries to come. Their exact actions, exact words and very existence are in some instances matters of faith rather than fact. However, what is undeniable is the impact that both of these men have had on modern society. The words, actions ...view middle of the document...

John the Baptist has proved to be a very important figure in the three Abrahamic religions. John was a prophet similar to other Hebrew prophets, he preached reform of the Jewish faith, repentance and baptized sinners. It is believed that Jesus himself was baptized by John in the waters of the Jordan River. In modern times, John the Baptist would be known as an evangelical.
According to the gospels, Jesus' ministry lasted anywhere from one to three years. During this time he traveled and made many important speeches that are recognized today by Christians and others as having extreme importance. Jesus ministries included teachings and miracles as well as parables and aphorisms. The majority of Jesus' message centered on themes of repentance, charity, compassion for the poor & meek and that those who believed in the words of Jesus would inherit the Kingdom of God. It is believed by Christians that Jesus was the son of God who was born on Earth of a Virgin and came to save the world from its' sins. Jesus defined his purpose as “I came that they have life, and it abundantly” John 10:10.
The death of Jesus came at the hands of the Roman Prefect of Judea and was carried out by Pontius Pilate in what is believed to be the year 30 to 36 CE. Jesus ultimately was charged with sedition of the Roman Empire for his teachings and handed over to the Roman high priests by his apostle Judas Iscariot. The motivations of Judas are not clearly defined, but it is traditionally believed that following his betrayal he committed suicide by hanging. The method of execution that was chosen for Jesus was crucifixion, a common practice at the time for capitol punishment.
To the extent that Jesus of Nazareth is recognized is the founder and key character of the Christian faith, the prophet Mohammed shares a similar role in the Islamic religion. While debate exists about the exact year of the birth of Jesus, similar debate exists about the early and exact history of Mohammed. Much in the manner that Jesus' life is documented in the gospels, the details of Mohammed's life are documented in the Islamic holy book, the Koran.
According to the Koran and modern scholars, the birth of Mohammed occurred in Mecca in 570 CE. It is believed that Mohammed was born to a prominent family. Mohammed's father Abdullah died when he was six months of age and his mother died when he was six years old, leaving Mohammed an orphan. The common belief is that in his teenage years, Mohammed worked in commercial trade with his uncle. At the time this was the only work available for orphans. On a trip to Syria, Mohammed met a Christian monk named Bahira who told Mohammed that he would be a prophet. There is little else that is known about Mohammed's life at this point, but it is believed that he became a merchant. His good nature and impartiality earned him the nickname “al-Amin” which roughly means faithful and trustworthy. Due to his reputation, Mohammed was often requested as an arbitrator in...

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