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Jeremy And The Haunted House Essay

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"Jeremy and the Haunted House" Bang! It sounded like a gunshot. Jeremy jumped out of bed and ran to the window. "Oh," he said, "its just a clap of thunder." Leaves of red, orange, and yellow were swirling in the air and along the ground. Rain began to pitter-patter against his window. Jeremy frowned as the rain began to fall faster. "Now," he said, "I won't be able to play in the leaves. It figures! My best friend, Mike, isn't home, and I don't have anything to do." "Breakfast," called Jeremy's mother, "come and get it while it's hot." Jeremy sighed and slowly walked down the hall and staircase of his new house. He, his mother and father, and ...view middle of the document...

"Hey Chester," said Jeremy, "let's go and check out that old haunted house in the woods. It's not too far from here." Chester barked as if to say ok, and the two headed for the haunted house. Arriving at the edge of the woods, Jeremy spotted a debris-strewn driveway. "I bet this leads to the house," said Jeremy. By now, the sky began to cloud and the wind began to blow. Finally, after several minutes of walking, Jeremy spotted the house. "Look Chester," said Jeremy, "it's the house. What a mess!" As he grew closer, Jeremy could see boarded up and broken windows. In addition, the house was in need of a coat of paint, and vines had covered up most of the large front porch. "Let's get closer Chester," said Jeremy. Suddenly, there was a downpour of rain, and the two dashed for the porch. While standing undercover, Jeremy could hear various eerie sounds. "Gee," he said, "this house is creepy." At that moment, Chester, who was sitting at attention, bolted for the door. Much to Jeremy's surprise, the door flew open and Chester ran inside. "Come back Chester, come...

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