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Jennings Ethics Case Paper

1259 words - 6 pages

Summer 2011

The given case delves into ethical dilemma pertaining to violation of federal laws for product safety and then trying to export the product overseas without informing the potential consumers about the related safety issues of the product. A brand builds its reputation by its products and keeping consumers in the dark about the safety of a product meant for toddler usage is highly dangerous and can damage the brand’s image for life. Such business practices from a brand can also ensue in a legal action against it from the users. Serving as an agent who exports a banned product to foreign markets, I would be faced with a multitude of dilemmas of ...view middle of the document...

The Perspectives
While looking at these ethical dilemmas, is when a person’s ethics and morals come into perspective. Faced with two very distinct choices, either that I can mislead the potential customers by hiding the true facts or give them the entire picture and leaving it up to the consumers to decide if they want to buy it after having seen a full disclosure of the details.

1. While looking at it from the customer’s perspective it makes the ethical dilemma to solve easier because as a consumer of the product, I would rather be told about the both the advantages and the disadvantages of the product and the services of the product than rather be misled. As a result, consumers would have faith in the company and understand that the company is doing no harm to them by selling the product. It is only in this perspective that the consumer can make the right choice as they have a full disclosure to the information and they are buying it knowing all of the known aspects about the product.

2. When considering the dilemma in terms of the Consumer Product Safety Commission here in the United States, it won’t be ethically right to sell the product in any part of the world. It has been proved that many infants injured themselves and The American Medical Association (AMA) has also expressed concern about possible long-term skeletal damage because infants who are not yet ready to stand unaided are standing in the walkers. With all these facts in consideration, unless the product has been altered or modified, it is not acceptable to deceive people abroad. Why would they want to put the future of a baby to risk when you are aware of the possible harmful effects of the product?

3. From my perspective as an export agent of the product to foreign markets, I believe that in a market based economy like the United States, all work, both dirty and otherwise will be done by someone. Essentially, what this means is that the product will be exported by someone else, if not me, as the company will not let their product investment go down the drain. Hence, in order for me to keep my job, I will continue to export the products till I can find something else to substitute for this job.

The possible rationalizations that might explain the behavior mentioned above are as follows:
1) Large development costs were made in the product and it was the first mover to the market and a high volume seller before it was banned. Therefore,...

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