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Jennifer Lopez Essay

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Service Learning & Community Outreach Student Placement Agreement
The Service Learning program at TCC is committed to enhancing our students’ education by integrating academic courses with community service, as stated in TCC’s general education goal “civic responsibility”. By connecting their classrooms with local issues and challenges, faculty give students the opportunity to apply their course learning, to reflect on serious social problems and solutions, and to see themselves as engaged community members.

To be completed by instructor: |
Course: | BIOL1224 | | Instructor: | Mary Phillips |
Service hours Assigned: | | | Instructor’s ...view middle of the document...

Be responsible for the agreed service hours, and will call ahead if running late or unable to attend a scheduled service shift. 2. Dress appropriately for the assigned activity and site. 3. Follow all policies of the site, including health, safety precautions, and confidentiality policies. * Not go beyond the scope of assigned responsibilities, and will use judgment in refusing risky or inappropriate requests and situations. * Not work in a room alone with a child or other client, or transport a child or other client in his/her personal vehicle. * Not talk about a client by name except with the supervisor.4. Inform the site supervisor of the learning objectives for the service learning course in order to connect the service experience with the course.5. Notify the supervisor and/or the instructor of any concerns or changes. |

The community site will: 1. Provide position descriptions, outlining expectations. 2. Provide a structured orientation to the program and appropriate training for the position prior to the beginning of the service activity.2. Provide necessary space, equipment, and materials for the student to function effectively in the position. 3. Have clear risk management and personnel policies and procedures in place and include these in student...

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