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Jeffery Dahmer Essay

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A Jeffrey Dahmer Story
Tyler Jones
Understanding Criminal Minds
December 2, 2014

Jeffrey Dahmer
Fantasies can be strengthened by great amount of sex drive that assists in unusual behaviors; sexual murders are based on fantasies. The purposes of the fantasies are to take control of the victims; the killer wants the control because he/she has sought it since childhood. It is known that very few serial killers have healthy relation with their parents.
“Jeffrey Dahmer was born on May 21,1960, in Milwaukee; his parents were Lionel and Joyce Dahmer. Joyce had problems during her pregnancy and started taking drugs to treat her sickness” (Fischoff, 1996). After Jeffrey was born ...view middle of the document...

“At the age of six, in 1964, Jeffrey undergone hernia surgery, when he woke up from the anesthesia he was worried someone could have cut his genitals, the pain lasted for one week. After a long recovery period he turned to be a loner” (Fischoff, 1996). Meanwhile his mother’s depression was becoming worse and her consumption of antidepressants becoming more of a habit. And while his mother was struggling; his father Lionel was completing his doctorate program. His father found a job in Ohio, so the entire family had to move again. The demeanor of the Jeffrey’s home was characterized by continuous trials and quarrels between the parents. “When he started to go to school, he was terrified and avoidant. His teacher told his parents that he was not interested in schoolwork and that he was very shy. Jeffrey was growing more and more isolated, lacking a parental figure, his father was too involved in his own activities, and his mother was suffering from serious psychological problems” (Casey et al, 2000). Jeffrey showed a low tolerance to frustration, rather he was showing nothing at all, only silence. The way he handled his problems was to go walking in the woods or exploring animal’s interiors. The disease of his mother and the conflicts within the family reached a dangerous level. This unconcern was evident as was his internal problems, but he was never able to communicate these feelings to anyone.
In the coming years, “in high school he was considered a strange boy who was showing bizarre behaviors. In these years he started to drink a lot, he used to go to school with a scotch bottle. Although he did well at school, his behavior was often extreme. One day in 1975 some guys from the neighborhood walked behind his house and found the head of a dog impaled on a stick and the body of the animal skinned attached to a tree” (Fischoff, 1996). Jeffrey although was very consumed with animal bodies, but he never killed an animals, he was not worried about the animals suffering, he just wanted to collect the dead animals bodies. He was not excited by inflicting pain to a living creature but to dismember the animals body.
“In 1978, during the last year of school, the marriage of his parents ended. A few weeks after being abandoned by his mother, Jeffrey gave an auto stop to a nineteen-year-old boy named Steven Hicks and invited him home” (Fischoff, 1996). The two men drank some beer, chatted and had sex. When Hicks said he had to go, Jeffrey smashed his head and strangled him. Then he dismembered the body and put the pieces into plastic bags.
“Later he enrolled at Ohio State University and for a while he tried to attend, but only after few months he abandoned his studies and joined the army. To his comrades he seemed like a normal guy until he began to drink, showing a very different mood, aggressive and arrogant” (Silva et al, 2002). Although he signed for six years, the Army dismissed him after two. He went to live with his grandmother,...

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