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Jefferson On African Americans Essay

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Jefferson and His View on the African American Race
The third president of the united states and one of four founding fathers, Thomas Jefferson have views that disagree with the modern depiction of him. To all modern accounts of racism, He is regarded as racist. In the Notes on the State of Virginia, He described his views on the African American race and compare them to the other races in the united states of America at the time. He wrote negatively about how they are in art and opinions. He also negatively talked about the way they sweat and how the color of their skin is such as negative part of them.
Thomas Jefferson compared the white race with the African Americans on their physical form. Jefferson notes that the difference of color was set into nature and was not able to be changed and how it is the difference in beauty within the ...view middle of the document...

He described how they have less hair and secretes more by glands then by the kidneys giving them a strong and disagreeable oder(notes from the state of Virginia). Jefferson claimed that they sweated a lot more than they peed giving them the "strong and disagreeable odor". According to Jefferson, they sleep very little and are amused at night because in the morning they must have to be working. He also stated that they are less scared or steady when danger in coming.
Art wise, the African American race according to Thomas Jefferson are very different compared to the native Americans and other races. Jefferson states that the african american race with no advantages to the native Americans cannot create dolls or animals as well as the native Americans. "The Indians, with no advantages of this kind, will often carve figures on their pipes not destitute of design and merit"(notes on the state of Virginia). Jefferson even discrediting the African Americans in relation to another race show the amount that he does not mind putting them down, It can even be stated that it shows his own character and his views on other races than himself . Musically, African Americans are more gifted according to Jefferson and the poetry that they create is more based on misery and love. Jefferson also stated on their opinions that they are weaker in reasoning and must be hazarded with great differences( Notes on the State of Virginia).
Jefferson views on the African American races is negative in all senses. He states that the difference in color and physical form made them difference to him in many ways even to the point that they are not closely compared to him in any way possible. Art wise he wrote that the native Americans are better even though they have the same advantages them. Musically he said that they are gifted into this point and they their poetry is mostly about misery and love.

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