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Jean Michel Jarre In Monaco Essay

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July the 1st, 2011 was a memorable and exciting day for the city of Monaco because it held the wedding of Albert II, prince of Monaco, and Charlene Wittstock. It has been described as Monaco's "biggest party in 55 years", in other words, the biggest since the wedding of Albert's parents. The celebration included a special performance by the French composer, performer, and music producer, Jean Michel Jarre.
The concert was an event offered to the public, open to all without restrictions, and free in this natural arena which was the massive Port Hercules located in North Monaco. The audience was standing on the docks in front of a 650 foot long stage, which included 6 huge rectangular ...view middle of the document...

Jean himself, was playing on 3 huge midi keyboards, and was playing percussion as well; percussive sounds like the crash, cymbal, etc. There were also several other people accompanied by the organizers which were sound mixers, vision mixers, lighting designers, and last but not least, the concert production team. There wasn't a concert program for the audience, but Jean himself had set a playlist for his music.
The live performance was of multiple tracks composed by Jean, whom he combined together and performed the melodies of them live. He started off with a small intro then performed his most famous and successful piece which is called Oxygene Part I. Jean made several parts by the same name, but each track he would add a roman numeral, Ex: I, and then ascends; he made up to Oxygene Part VI. All of these tracks called Oxygene I, II, III, IV, V, and VI are part of his first album "Oxygene", which was released in December 1976. All of the songs which were performed in the concert are considered to have Polyphonic texture, and combine both tonal & atonal work.
So first of all I found two intriguing things that happened in this party. The first thing is that, when we reached half of the concert, jean began playing melodies on this laser harp. It was basically 6 lasers coming out of a black box. How did he make sounds out of them? Well, I think that each laser line represents a key on the piano, but that's not it. Each part of these lines represented a different note than the other. So basically, it was like a laser piano. He touched parts in each line to make a melody. Amazing isn't it?

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