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Jean Louise Finch's Personality Traits Essay

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Memories of ScoutThe narrator Jean Louise Finch, nicknamed Scout, in Lee's novel To Kill a Mockingbird, is a complex, innocent character. She possesses a wide range of traits, which undergo a transformation, as she matures. My interest in Scout stems from three main qualities of her personality with which I can personally identify. She displays curiosity, courage, and a love of reading throughout the novel.Scout's curiosity is revealed through questions she asks her father to understand what things mean in life. She innocently asks, "Are we poor Atticus?"(Lee, 21) "What is Rape?" (Lee, 135) Always curious about the Radley Place she asks, "Miss Maudie, do you think Boo Radley is still alive?" ...view middle of the document...

Scout's love for reading is a pastime that I also enjoy. Like Scout I also learned to read at a very early age. I remember looking at children's books my mother had provided for my sister and me. I would also page through magazines, newspaper, and comic books. The comics in the newspaper have continued to be my favorite daily passion.There are five items that I think are important to Scout. These items, reflecting her personality which are significant in her childhood, are the tree house, her jeans, the Mobile Register, Boo Radley's tree, and her Sunday dress.The tree house is significant to Scout because she would play in it during the long lazy summer days. She was an active, outdoor girl who enjoyed being with her brother Jem and friend Dill. Also during the school year in winter, Scout would be in the tree house spying on the students in the schoolyard through a two-powered telescope Jem had given her. The tree house represents Scout's love for the outdoors.Jeans were Scout's typical mode of dress. They were important to Scout. She wore jeans like a daily uniform. Jeans were comfortable to her so she could do all things that boys like doing. It would be unfitting for Scout to wear a dress when she would often come home muddy and messy from playtime. People often commented to her especially Aunt Alexandria who said she "could not possibly hope to be a lady" (Lee, 81) wearing breeches. Scout was adamant replying that she..."could do nothing in a dress." (Lee, 81)Reading was a favorite pastime for Scout. When the teacher demanded her to discontinue reading with Atticus because he "taught her all wrong," (Lee, 29) it really bothered her. She didn't want to go back to school. Reading had always been a nightly routine with her father. Scout had always crawled into Atticus's lap and read the Mobile Register with him. Reading was so natural to her she couldn't even remember how she first learned to read. Scout was relieved when she and Atticus made a secret agreement to continue reading at home without telling the teacher.The Boo Radley tree is a major symbol during Scout's early youth. It held a certain amount of intrigue and fascination for her. The tree was intriguing because it was next to the Radley house where Boo Radley, the children's mysterious neighbor to the children, lived. The tree captivated the children's fascination and especially Scout's. She was the first to discover chewing gum in the knothole of the tree and promptly put the gum in her mouth without second thoughts. The tree continued to hold Scout and Jem's interest as time passed by. They would frequently find special items placed...

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