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Jdt2 Task 3 Presenter's Notes Essay

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A1. The optimal results of a well-prepared and well-delivered performance appraisal can have a positive effect on the employees, the supervisors, and the organization. Not only will the employee be better able to understand what is expected of him, this is also the opportunity to ask about areas that needs improvement. Knowing this information gives the employee more focus on what is expected to meet or exceed standards.
For supervisors, the performance appraisal allows them to build a rapport with employees and allow them to spot weaknesses and strengths. This is also the time to reward exceptional performance from an employee and schedule training sessions for those who might be ...view middle of the document...

Exceptional performance in certain areas can be the gateway to a more ideal position with the right mentoring. The areas that are lacking can be re-addressed through additional training sessions with the manager or someone else that’s well versed in that particular area. The company is able to look at the progress through the appraisal to see if an employee can be promoted to a different role that’s more beneficial to the organization as a whole or if they need to consider alternative training mediums to improve the areas that employees are lacking.

A3. The purpose of a postappraisal is so that the “employee is given feedback information and the manager can explain the rating, along with the traits and behavior that was taken into consideration for the appraisal” (S, 2010). Postappraisal activities that will ensure there are performance appraisal processes that are beneficial to the employee and the company includes:
Encouraging the employee to do a self-assessment before the appraisal. This allows the employee to have input that can be discussed on his/her performance. This also allows the employee to present their point-of-views/difficulties to the manager.
The manager should discuss with the employee behavior that is undesirable and advise how to change it into a more desirable behavior. For instance, if the employee was given a goal to meet for sales in the month of April and that goal was not met encourage the employee to work with the sales department to determine what can be done next time to improve and meet the desired goal.
The manager should also follow-up with regards to improvement of skills, behavior and knowledge which should lead to an improvement in the employee’s performance. In order to attain this the manager should establish goals that are specific with an action plan and relate that to the employee.

A4. Lack of preparation can cause a lot of things to go wrong when giving a feedback. For instance when giving suggestions or any criticism in general on ways to make improvements even though it is meant to be positive the employee can view it as a personal attack and become very defensive. Another instance of what can go wrong is when the manager didn’t take the time to keep a record of the employee’s performance throughout the year and instead based the appraisal on word-of-mouth. There are also instances where a supervisor might promise an employee of a promotion or pay increase and when the appraisal is done there is no mentioning of it causing the employee to again become defensive and irate. The feedback should include both negative and positive criticism to highlight the employee’s strengths and weaknesses, but focusing only on the negative can be demoralizing. The main thing that can go wrong when giving a feedback is having the manager do all the talking and not following through at a later time with whatever was discussed/agreed upon as a course of action for moving forward.

A5. Steps that...

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