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Java Class Essay

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Java Class

MIS 304 is not a class for everyone. Not just any student should take the class. This class is structured to assist students in learning how to program using the Java language. This class does not make a student an expert in the language of Java, but instead gives the student the basic fundamentals needed to have practical use of the language and gives them a solid foundation upon which they can build if they choose to do so. The material covered in the class is adequate. Java can be a complex language to learn, but in MIS 304 one is taught the basics and nothing too detailed or complicated.

The resources that are given to the students are very good. I know that the Java ...view middle of the document...

I think this class is extremely beneficial for students majoring in MIS especially since a lot of today’s world is based on the Internet, which is HTML and Java based.

An idea to improve or increase the student’s interest in the language and wanting to learn it would be to include the more interesting and fun aspects of what the Java language can do. Teaching the students such things as how to change colors and text might be tedious when trying to fit in all that has to be taught, but on the other hand it gives the students a chance to be creative and for those that want to learn the language a reason to keep learning in order to learn what else the language can do. The more assignments a student is given, the better chance a student has of learning the language; however, there must be a balance of the workload considering that the student also has other classes. Giving around seven to eight programming assignments throughout the semester gives a student the opportunity to put to use what he or she is learning in class. Programming can’t be taught without actually writing out code. Without enough assignments, students are less equipped to handle the final project, which encompasses everything that they have learned throughout the semester.

Another thing that might improve the course would be to give quizzes. I know that a lot of students usually end up getting behind or lost throughout the course. With quizzes, it gives both the students an incentive to keep up with the homework assigned and the teacher a way of seeing if all the students are on the same page so to speak. If a lot of students miss one particular concept, say for example, bubble sort, then it gives the teacher an opportunity to go over the topic again and make sure that all the students understand so that they can successful build on that concept, something that is instrumental to finishing the final project. Also quizzes allow you to know who is actually doing their work and who is copying from their classmates. I know a big problem in the class is that assignments and homework get passed down and therefore students don’t really try to learn the language or how to program. By giving quizzes, you will be given the opportunity to see how students’ homework grades differ from their quiz grades. I noticed at both times, when I was taking MIS 304 and as a proctor for MIS 304, that some students excel in MIS 304 and some students don’t have the first clue as to how to go about programming. For example, when I was proctoring during the third assignment given, a student came up to ask me for assistance. I went to help her and found that the problem she was having was she did not have the first clue as to how to declare variables. This is something that is both taught in class and something that she must have known in order to complete the first two assignments. I think this type of problem can also be alleviated through making attendance mandatory. Students that don’t go to class...

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