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Jatropha On Philippines Essay

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Possible Effects of Implementing Jatropha Biodiesel as Alternative for Petroleum Diesel in the Philippines


The Oil Problem: High increases of prices of different commodities and services can now be observed in the Philippines. These increases are due to different factors such as catastrophes and global economic crisis. The government’s job is to find a way to address these problems. The most constant of these two is global economic crisis which is affected by crude oil price increases. Crude oil price affect different things that are important to the lives of Filipinos. It affects the price of food, utilities, price and many more that rely on the energy and transportation ...view middle of the document...

Biodiesel does not contain petroleum, but it can be blended at any level with petroleum diesel to create a biodiesel blend. It can be used in normal diesel engines with little or no modifications. Biodiesel is simple to use, biodegradable, nontoxic, and essentially free of sulfur and aromatics.

Biodiesel technology considerations started due to the 1970 crude oil crisis and acknowledgement of scarcity of petroleum (Heller, 1996). Biodiesel compared to ethanol and other biofuels is the most cost effective. Biodiesel requires less change to the transportation industry since biodiesel uses the same transport and storage infrastructure as petroleum diesel (International Energy Agency, 2004).

Jatropha and Its Promise: There are many well-known possible sources of biodiesel. The most promising of them all especially for the Philippines is Jatropha because compared to other sources of biodiesel like soy beans, Jatropha is a very easy to farm crop. Jatropha can survive in places with low quality of soil and few occurrence of rain (Cushion, 2010). Actually, Jatropha biodiesel quality is better if it is farmed in unfertile soil because it lessens the nitrous oxide emission from vehicles using it. This is because fertile soils have high amount of nitrogen.

Jatropha’s cost is also cheaper for the Philippines because it favours the weather in the Philippines. The reason is because the current weather in the Philippines is unpredictable and using crops that are not well adapted to quickly varying weather will cause unstable yield of biodiesel. An unstable supply is never good for any enterprise. It will cause loss of profit that should be contributing to the economy of the Philippines. Another reason for its cheap cost is that there is an absence of waste when farming Jatropha (Colledan, 2004). This is because it contains 60 % of oil and its pulp can be used as fertilizer.
Effects of Biodiesel to vehicles

However biodiesel effects on vehicles need further studying. Using it without proper knowledge might lead to undesirable effects if it would be implemented in a high scale and will be hard to reverse.

Most researches done for biodiesel shows that it is mostly advantageous compared to the normal petroleum diesel. So far, biodiesel’s known advantages can be its edge against petroleum diesel. Biodiesels are famous for being environmentally friendly.

Advantages: Biodiesel produce significantly lesser amount of emissions compared to petroleum fuels. It results in much less air pollution due to its higher oxygen content and lack most components contributing to the formation of pollutants. The one exception to this is nitrogen oxide emissions, which tend to be slightly higher when using biodiesel. Proper tuning of the engine can minimize this problem. Based on engine testing, using the most stringent emissions testing protocols required by Environment Protection Agency (EPA) for certification of fuels or fuel additives in the USA, the...

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