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Jason And The Argonauts Essay

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Jason was the son of king Iolcus, but the kings’ brother Pelias took his throne from him also killing him. When Pelias took his brothers throne he lived in a constant state of fear that someone would take what he had taken so unfairly. Pelias held Jason’s mother captive and would have killed her if not for her mourning as if Jason had died. Meanwhile Jason was off in Chiron’s cave training and preparing. When Jason had come of age he set off to claim his rightful throne. Meanwhile the goddess Hera controlled her anger towards king Pelias because he had sacrificed to all the gods except her. She made herself look like a withered old woman and put herself on one side of the raging currents. When Jason arrived she asked him to carry her to the other side. Jason did not hesitate to lift the old woman onto his ...view middle of the document...

““Not a bad idea tell you what, why don’t you go. “ Replied Pelias. So the word got out that Jason was looking for shipmates for his amazing adventure. Men knew it was very risky but the perfect crew among them was Heracles, had come together called the Argonauts named after their ship the Argo. Jason had the ship constructed by Argus who named it after himself. Much later they sailed to an island called Salmydessus. The king welcomed them but was not happy. The king had offended the gods he’d been set upon by woman-headed, bird-bodied, razor-clawed scourges known as Harpies. During every meal the harpies came and stole his food. The Argonauts scared the harpies away and they never returned. In thanks king Phineas told them of a danger ahead the clashing rocks. He told them of how to pass through them by releasing a dove could pass through first and return safely than they would do the same. They did just that only the dove returned with a few feathers missing so the stern of the Argo was slightly damaged. Once they reached Colchis where the fleece was held Jason had to do tasks such as fight fire breathing bulls made of bronze. The only reason he survived was that he’d had help from Medea the kings’ daughter who was also a sorceress and she’d taken and interest in Jason. She later led him to the Golden Fleece. While getting the fleece the king who never liked Jason got some dragon teeth that could turn into fully armed warriors he planted the teeth and then they started jumping out of the ground. Jason beat them because Medea told him to throw the rocks at them and when he did they turned on each other. They safely made it back to the Argo. The later fate of both Jason and Medea was tragic. He deserted her, and she in revenge killed their children.


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