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Japans Crisis Essay

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On March 11, 2011 a magnitude-9 earthquake shook northeastern Japan for 6 whole minutes. Not even an hour later the first of many tsunami waves, reaching up to 128 feet, began crashing onto Japans coastline and traveled as far as 6 miles inland destroying everything in its destructive path. This tsunami not only was the cause for 18,000 deaths, but also the reason for a cooling system failure at the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant which then resulted in a level 7 nuclear meltdown and the release of radioactive materials. I am first going to discuss how TEPCO, the Tokyo Electric Power Company, reacted to the meltdown and how they continue to store and reuse the nuclear waste, and then ...view middle of the document...

A second caesium absorption set-up called SARRY (simplified active water retrieval and recovery system) then comes into play, provided by Toshiba and Shaw and using Honeywell ion-exchange materials. There is a certain amount of redundancy between the systems, which enables water processing to continue unaffected by any minor breakdowns or servicing requirements. ( Toshiba is also going to be incorporating a third step to improve the decontamination process. Now that the rapid accumulation of water has been slowed, matters of how to properly store the material can be dealt with. I believe the best way to store the hazardous waste would be to utilize vitrification and to properly seal to ensure wherever it is being stored there will be no leaking. I also agree with the solution to reuse the water to reduce the amount needed to be stored.
Now that Japan is beginning to get the Fukishima plant under control the next big move is to eliminate nuclear power and to transition to a more sustainable from of energy, as well as to reduce the amount of risk that the other plants pose. In countries such as Japan solar energy would be exponentially beneficial as it can be put on buildings and...

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