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James Doolittle Essay

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James Harold Doolittle
Edmond Pukaj
Spartan College of Aeronautics

James Doolittle was a man with an outstanding resume in the American Air Force and one of Americas most well-known aviation pilots whose contributions in the Second World War was extremely crucial to increasing American morale. Doolittle also played a major role in creating new instrumentations to improve night flying and flying in hazardous weather. Doolittle broke and set many records in the aviation world and made the impossible possible with his extraordinary flying skills. Made himself a role model for upcoming generations of pilots.

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In one particular incident Doolittle was accused of damaging his neighbor’s property. He denied the accusations and his father accused him of lying. This incident added pressure to the father-son relationship which was already fraying. Doolittle stated in his autobiography, I Could Never be so Lucky Again (1995), “I didn’t lie then, and I don’t lie now.”
Doolittle came back to South California in 1908; his father remained in Alaska with the company. It was this move that enhanced Jimmy’s love for flying. Two years later in the summertime at Dominquez Field, near Los Angeles. At thirteen years old he experienced his first-hand interaction with flying. Doolittle was introduced to the science of aviation and aircraft technology(Daso, 2003)
As Doolittle matured he mastered his skills in carpentry and learned how to box from his high school teacher. Once done with high school he decided to continue his education at Junior College of Los Angeles where he studied basic science. He then advanced his educational career to Berkeley, School of Mines. Midway through his senior year at school he volunteered for the Army Single Corps. Doolittle enrolled in ground school at University of California. He was told he would become a pilot for the Army; his longtime dream of flying was finally becoming a reality. As new opportunities opened up for Jimmy he never returned to complete his degree. The start of Jimmy Doolittle’s aviation career was underway (Doolittle & Glines, 1991).
After seven hours of instructed flight time Doolittle took his first solo flight. Jimmy continued to develop his flight technique as he was instructed on methods such as barrel rolls, aerobatics, loops, spins, recovery, navigation missions, and cross country mission which were practiced and mastered. Most of these lessons taught in Jimmy’s time as well as the techniques that he obtained are still taught in modern day military aviation training. Doolittle was noted for taking flying very serious. When he was an instructor he was quoted saying, “I stuck to the curriculum and didn’t take kindly to any student trying to show off or get smart. I wanted them to emulate my seriousness about flying….I wanted to impress on them that flying is serious business and is unforgiving for carelessness, incapacity, or neglect” (Doolittle, p81. 2009).
In 1918 he completed his flight training and was commissioned as Second Lieutenant in the Single Reserve, Aviation Section. During Doolittle’s time of service in the Army he took his first transcontinental flight from Florida to California in less than 24 hours of flying a modified DH-4B. Jimmy Doolittle’s aviation career continued to develop. Jimmy excelled as a student as well as a pilot. He was a talented pilot that continued to deliver optimal performance as he advanced in the aviation field. In 1922 Jimmy Doolittle enrolled in MIT, he earned his Master’s as well as his Doctorate by June of 1925. Doolittle became very familiar with flying at...

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