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Jamaica Grande Essay

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Hotel fined for alleged improper disposal of waste
Wednesday, March 03, 2010

THE National Solid Waste Management Authority (NSWMA) on Monday fined the Sunset Jamaica Grande Hotel in St Ann $10,000 for allegedly disposing of its waste illegally.
According to NSWMA executive director Joan Gordon-Webley, the company was given three days to remove the waste from the roadway in Exchange, St Ann, where it was allegedly deposited by the trucker hired by the hotel.
Some of the refuse allegedly dumped along the roadway in Exchange, St Ann, on the weekend. (Photo courtesy of the NSWMA) |
Additionally, Gordon-Webley said a formal warning will also be issued to the hotel.
The matter was brought ...view middle of the document...

Ann. The hotel is a well established and developed hotel that accommodates thousands of tourists each year. The hotel was fined $10,000 for the illegal act.
Principle that applies to the case
In the case involving Sunset Jamaica Grande Hotel, the principle that applies is that of utilitarianism. The utilitarian principle dictates that pleasure should be the ultimate good of all actions. Utilitarianism is broken down into further theories. One such theory is the deontological theory. This theory typically holds that we have a duty to perform certain acts not because of the nature of these actions or the rules from which they follow. Some examples of non-consequentialist reasoning in ethics include arguments based on principles such as the Golden Rule and those that appeal to basic notions of human dignity and respect for other persons. The hotel is in outright breach of this duty, as their action is an obstruction of basic human rights to a healthy environment. Dumping garbage in an undesignated area is a blatant disregard for people’s comfort and health. \
Justification of the case

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