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Jake's Relationships In The Sun Also Rises

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Jake’s Relationships in The Sun Also Rises
In the novel The Sun Also Rises, Jake Barnes has two key relationships. Brett and Jake share a relationship that is very strange and doesn’t relate to how a normal couple should function. The other odd relationship Jake has is with Robert Cohn, a man who has an unacceptable way of dealing with rejection. Jake Barnes is a socially challenged man whose relations throughout the book shape how the reader perceives him.
It is clear that Lady Brett Ashley is anything but a lady. She is kind and sweet but she is extremely vulnerable to her attraction to men. Brett is not happy with her life or her environment and she searches for an escape in the arms ...view middle of the document...

The first hint of this is when he says to Georgeette “I was hurt in the war” (24) in reference to why they cannot have physical relations” (Bradley). Having suffered this type of injury, Jake is very unsure of his masculinity, thus he allows Brett to walk all over him in their relationship. Jake and Brett need each other emotionally, but Brett feels that she needs the physical aspect of a relationship too. This causes Jake to be stuck in an endless cycle of Brett coming to him and then leaving him for someone who can satisfy her in ways he can’t.
Unlike Brett, who Jake enjoyed to be around, Robert Cohn is a man who was annoying as the gum on the bottom of your favorite shoes. No matter how hard you try, the gum just won’t come off. Jake’s feelings toward his friend Robert Cohn are a mixture of envy, compassion, understanding, and hate. This is a very unusual group of feelings for a person to have toward another person who is supposed to be a friend, but ‘The Lost Generation’ allowed for some very unusual feelings to occur. Jake was aware of Robert’s relationship with Brett, and it filled him with envy, but at the same time he knew how it ended. He was close friends to Robert, and he had been through a similar situation with Brett, so he had compassion and understanding for Robert. The problem was the way Robert chose to deal with his feelings. Robert could not stand to see Brett with another man, something Jake knew how to handle with skill. Robert’s way of handling Brett’s relationships...

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