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Jail And Prison Comparison Essay

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Jail and Prison Comparison
Jorge Villalta
February 04, 2014
Robert Nicholas

Jail and Prison Comparison
Human beings, throughout our history have devised ingenious ways to “punish” others for real crime and perceived transgressions. Corrections is the principal function of the management of criminals after sentencing; punishments, secure facilities used to hold offenders, and the discipline. (Seiter, 2011) Similar to modern days in Corrections, jails are still ran by the local sheriff’s department. Each county or state maintain its own incarceration system. Jail is a secure holding facility for criminal offenders of a sentence of a year or less.
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Prisoners do not concern themselves so much with the virtues that people believe in the broader society. Instead, cope with the abnormal community by focusing on what they need to make it through another day. In prisons, violence and power grabbing dominate the subculture. Rather than focusing on preparations for release, prisoners form or join cliques and strive to create their own identities inside the fences and walls. Building a reputation within the prison community is an essential part of life.
American jails have always been exceedingly violent, but a big factor that is increasing jail violence is overcrowding. The more people stuffed into jail, the quality of supervision deteriorates. There’s less mental health care and greater tension among security staff, and greater fear among inmates because there’s less supervision.
Community corrections are criminal sanctions that involve community supervision of offenders, make use of correctional and program resources available in the community, and require offenders to abide by specified conditions to remain in the community. As opposed to just confining offenders in secure correctional facilities, two main types of community corrections supervision are probation and parole. These two types of alternate sentencing are a suspended release of incarceration where an offender lives in the community by special conditions and prescribed rules.
Sometimes incarceration is just not the...

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