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Jackson Vs. The Federalists Essay

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The Federalists had a good idea of what to do to get this country on track as a whole nation. They devised a plan that would work for us for some time. The thing is that everything will need to be changed at some point and that is why the Jacksonian model of government was a good thing to put out for to see and see how it worked. I have chosen to compare the Jacksonian model to the Federalists in this paper and also to explain to you why I thing that the Jacksonians had the better model in the long run.During the period of 1801-1817, the Jacksonians and the Federalists were viewed differently when it came to the federal Constitution. The Jacksonians were viewed as strict ...view middle of the document...

First I will discuss how each side's view of "republican" government differs. The Constitution proposed by the Federal Convention in 1787 provided the basis for a strong national government. Elections to the House of Representatives were by the people directly, not the states, and the federal powers over taxes and the raising of armies were completely independent of the state governments. This new form of federalism essentially produced a new form of republicanism, the large republic. James Madison and Alexander Hamilton, in writing the Federalist Papers, provide the strongest arguments in support of it. Federalist No. 10 justified the new form of republicanism, not only as the price of union but also as the republican remedy to the disease of majority faction, or majority tyranny. Because the Federalists saw a major danger not from the increasing power of the ruling few, but from the tyranny of the majority, they sought to restrain the influence of that majority in order to secure individual rights and the permanent and collective interests of the community. Such restraint was to be achieved through a large extended sphere, i.e. the constituencies of the federal government. These would be larger and more diverse than the constituencies of the states, and so would make majority tyranny more difficult, since more negotiation and compromise would be needed for any single faction to become part of a majority. Similarly, the increased competition for office would produce better representatives and a more effective administration throughout the government. Madison understood republican government to require only that offices of government be filled directly or indirectly by popular vote. Furthermore, the representation of the people was satisfied by the fact of election, regardless of the contrast between the wealth and influence of the elected and the electorate. The Federalists, led by Alexander Hamilton, were "laid back" when it came to their interpretation of the Constitution. The Federalists seemed to ignore the poor people. It was as if the higher people didn't have much faith in the common folk. They had passed tariffs and taxes to help private businesses. The Federalists wanted to hear and talk with the people who had money. The Federalists wanted the "best people" to rule. Federalist John Lay stated that "those who own the country, ought to govern it." Despite all this, the Federalists did believe in a very strong central government and a powerful central bank. Their goal was to protect the wealthy people. The Hartford Convention, which lasted from late December to early January, was an event that hurt the Federalist Party. The two results to the Hartford Convention were: Washington had to provide financial aid from lost trade and that two-thirds vote in Congress was required before an embargo could be passed. The Federalists were proud of how they supported only the wealthy, because they believed that this lead to a powerful central...

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