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Jackie Robinson Essay

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Sonia Grover’s article primarily concerns female genital mutilations. The article begins by discussing society’s changing attitude towards male circumcision in recent years. She explains that in Australia male circumcisions have been declining since the 1950’s. Glover notes that currently only 10% of Australia’s males undergo circumcision and then explains how this decline in male circumcisions is a general trend around the world. The author believes the decline in male circumcision is due to the community recognizing that there are many health risks associated with the procedure and no health advantages, although some still undergo the procedure for cultural and religious reasons.
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Glover concludes by asking the reader if society is being consistent with its fight against FGM. She explains that while many preventative measures are being considered and put into action to end FGM, that cosmetic genital surgery is becoming increasingly popular. Many Australian women are having their genital pierced in the labia minora or clitoral hood, as well as labioplasties. To have a consistent and fair stance against FGM, the author suggests commending cosmetic genital surgery and piercings as well.
I agree with the author’s stance against FGM. I have a friend who has experienced FGM when she was younger. She is very insecure with the appearance of her vagina and has to consistently remind herself that it’s beautiful to create a sense of vagina hubris. However, she understands and appreciates the cultural significates of FGM and therefore she is constantly locked in an internal battle about the impact FGM has had on her life. She said that she will not be continue the tradition of FGM in her family. My friend’s stance, someone who personally...

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