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Jack The Jack Essay

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XPower Powerpack 1500
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XPower Powerpack 1500 is a portable power system that can supply up to 1500 watts of household electricity – enough to run almost any electronic product or appliance you might connect to your wall outlet at home. XPower Powerpack 1500 consists of a battery pack that stores electrical energy, stateof-the-art electronics that convert 12 volts from the battery pack to household power, an AC power panel that contains two standard outlets, and a DC power panel that is used to run 12 volt products. These components are packaged into a rugged cart with a ...view middle of the document...

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XPower Powerpack 1500
1500 watts, Portable Power

Electrical Specifications
115 volt AC section AC output power (10 minutes) AC output power (continuous) AC surge power AC output voltage AC output frequency AC output waveform Inverter no-load current Charging system AC charger bulk charging current Peak charging voltage Float charge voltage 5 amps (maximum) 14.4 volts (nominal) 13.6 volts (nominal) 1500 watts 1350 watts 3000 watts (max.) 115 volts (nominal) 60 Hz +/-4 Hz Modified sine wave 0.3 amps (battery drain with no load on inverter) 12 volt DC section Internal battery type Internal battery capacity Internal battery voltage DC power socket (circuit breaker rating) Sealed lead acid, AGM 60 amp-hours, 600 CCA 12 VDC (nominal) 12...

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