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Jack Daniel Case Study

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Jack Daniel’s International Strategy: By sticking to Its Homespun, Down-Home Story, the Tennessee Sour Mash Whiskey Has Increased Sales at Home and Abroad

In the United States Jack Daniel sales showed no growth in the 80s and 90s; the only growth was for premium and superpremium whisky (Pearce and Robinson 2009). The company realized that generation X & Y did not have the same taste as the baby boomers; therefore, they need to change their strategies. Jack Daniel came up with a strategy to target younger crowds who surprisingly preferred the premium taste of Jack Daniel in overseas markets.

In order to implement their strategies Jack Daniel had to conduct an internal and external ...view middle of the document...

Another great strategy that Jack Daniel has is having their website translated to fourteen different languages. As a consumer being able to look up a website and read their story, mission, and passion makes you feel connected to the product. With Jack Daniel reading their story is reading like reading history. The information from their website and the iconic logo of the sipping whiskey has created loyal consumers.

Jack Daniel is considered premium compared to local brands; therefore, it seems that in all countries, younger kids like the premium whisky at the premium price. Younger kids that like to drink at concerts and party like the American alcohol, a bar manager in Moscow stated that “kids that drink a lot like smooth jack whisky not “hotter” Scotch whisky (Pearce and Robinson 2009 Pg 25-1).” It seems that hitting the youth market with ads of youth drinking the whisky at parties and concerts would be the best strategy for Jack Daniel.

The brand marketing strategy has been the same since 1957 such as their ads being in black and white with no moving pictures. Their consistency for not putting celebrities and others on the ads has purposely created them a product that is universal to the world. Ted Simmons, Jack Daniel’s ad agency, stated “you don’t want to hold a mirror up to people,” he says it “leaves the brand accessible to leather-clad bikers, as well as churchgoing schoolteachers, whether they are in St. Petersburg, Russia, or St. Petersburg, Florida makes up the brand’s faithful in large members” (Pearce and Robinson 2009 Pg 25-2). Although, they have attempted to target a younger audience by running ads in the United States where the whiskey was shown in a concert setting; however, that campaign was short lived and their original concept was returned. If sales increased from the concert ad, the company would have done more advertising in concerts and night clubs.

Jack Daniel’s used an ethnocentric orientation strategy when...

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