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Ivory Coast Prominent Issue Essay

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Juan Moran
Ivory Coast or Cote D’ Ivoire was home at first to many colonies such as Gyaaman, the Kong Empire and Baoule. Till a treaty was made to protectorate the country from 1843-1844 in the French colonial period. In 1893 it officially became colonized by France as the part of European scramble for Africa. After 67 years Ivory Coast gained its independence August 7, 1960 and it became a republic with a strong executive power that invested themselves much in there president.
Ivory Coast relationship with the IMF is quite extensive they first borrowed money just twenty years after their independence. They borrowed for the first 6 years and then there’s a long gap where they ...view middle of the document...

This is kind of ironic because the former leader was brought down by a popular revolt in order to bring in Gbagbo to help the people. In reality he was just as bad if not worse. His term ended in 2005 but stayed as president due to a lingering rebellion in the north and a deep split in the countries leadership. During these extra five years in power the country was experiencing a civil war until a moment of peace was declared and Gbagbo agreed to continue a reelection that was abruptly postponed. As the election started he faced a popular opponent Alassane Ouattra who really seemed to be for the people this time, an actual change. As the results came in Alassane had clearly won the election although Gbagbo said that it was fixed and that it was a robbery. Although the majority saw it like this “Gbagbo has never been in a position to win an election conducted freely and fairly. Presumably, he lost sight of this obvious point, succumbing to the over-confidence which is the achilles heel of long-tenured autocrats surrounded by sycophants” (Paul Collier. .Instead admitting defeat he decided to stay in power with the help of his militia and his commanders. They led a violent and vicious attack on the country to keep Gbagbo in power. Senseless acts of violence raping individuals and recruiting children to do their work. The main fight has led back into the city Abidjan “Mr. Gbagbo's men are supported by mercenaries and are better armed. Dislodging the former president from his palace in Abidjan may come at a high price” (Coming to a Crunch 1. The Finally Ouattra sent the military and some of the rebels helping to fight and to capture Laurent Gbagbo where he was discovered to be held up in a bunker with his family. Although he was captured most of his strongest allies and commanders ran away into neighboring countries. Where they have set up camps “Exiles supporting Ivory Coast's former President Laurent Gbagbo have established a base in neighboring Ghana from which they are working to destabilize the current Ivorian government” (Louis Charbonneau, Chicago tribune pg1). The generals and other mercenaries went as far as killing peacekeepers at the border of Ivory Coast and Liberia in what authorities call a cross border raid. Even though Gbagbo has been sent to trial at the International Criminal Court where they are deciding his fate “The Hague has accused him of crimes against humanity” (Laurent Gbagbo pg.1 New York Times). “The court’s prosecutor accused Mr. Gbagbo of being responsible for the violence in which more than 3,000 people were killed and uncounted numbers were raped and mistreated” (New York Times pg1). He also left the economic situation in ruins by using up money to benefit...

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