Ivf Critical Analysis

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Critical Analysis
In Vitro Fertilization

August 19, 2009

Marriages can offer new exciting experiences especially when couples want to start developing a family. For some couples pregnancy is simple and their family begins. For others it isn’t so easy, having children becomes a medical challenge and alternative solutions need to be sought out. One such solution for conception involves using the medical advancement of In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) techniques. However, for many this raises a whole batch of ethical dilemmas. IVF brings up dilemmas such as the process itself, when does “life” begin, how many eggs to fertilize, and ...view middle of the document...

Most couples choose the path of IVF when they have been unable to conceive for the specified time mentioned above and usually after they have pursued all other possible methods of conception. IVF is the process of removing eggs from the females’ ovaries, removing sperm from the male partner, combining them outside the body in a medical lab. The eggs are then placed in an incubation period that lasts a minimum of 48 hours and then examined for growth. Typically 2-3 healthy, fertilized, eggs are then returned them to the woman’s womb. Any remaining embryos are then put into a state of cryopreservation, donated, given to research or discarded.
It’s a natural desire of most humans to procreate. In our desire to perpetuate ourselves when is enough, enough? Is IVF an ethical, acceptable practice for Christians to pursue? God’s word talks about how he created man in his own image and how he knew us before we were. To start, man’s desire to have biological children reflects God’s own desires, not only did he have a son, but he created man in his image. To pursue children and a family is natural and purposeful.
As mentioned above many couples have no troubles starting a family, but some do. For some, aside from a creative miracle of God, having biological children is only possible through medical assistance. IVF is the only option by which some couples can achieve a pregnancy. In the Christian circle there are people, many who’ve never walked the road of infertility, who condone the practice of IVF. Their argument is based in the concept that God creates life and that you are “playing God” by having doctors create an embryo for you. It is believed by many that if you cannot naturally have a child than that is obviously God’s will for your life and you shouldn’t seek assistance by other means.
I often wonder if these same people have exercised some method of birth control for family planning. Birth control of any nature stops and starts the process of procreation as much as IVF assists it. How is that any more or less in God’s will than IVF? The answer is it’s not. Christians have to seek direction from God through their relationship with him in regards to his will for their lives. I also wonder if these same people seek medical assistance for other physical problems or diseases they may experience.
Is IVF just another way to pursue parenthood or a sinful act? I believe IVF is a gift given to those who struggle with the natural process of procreation. Just as God can miraculously heal, he also gave wisdom to humans and made them capable to pursue knowledge and advance. Thanks to scientists and doctors, many diseased have been healed and many others are made manageable for daily living. How is infertility any different? If you give insulin to a diabetic or a pace-maker to one whose heart is failing, isn’t that tampering with life? While it is not creating life, it is extending a life that would perish if...

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