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Itt Lab 6 Nt2580 Essay

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Lab #6 – Business Recovery Strategy Assessment Spreadsheet
e-Commerce/e-Business Organization

List of Key Business Functions & Processes

- E-commerce processes – primary revenue source for the organization
-E-mail based communications – internal for business communications and external for customer
-Telephone call center and on-line customer services – enhanced e-customer service delivery with call
center and self-service customer website
-Manufacturing and production line – just in time inventory and distribution of products
-Production processes – just in time manufacturing and integrated supply chain
-Quality control mechanisms – maximize product ...view middle of the document...

What is the different between a risk analysis (RA) and a business impact analysis (BIA)?
Risk analysis is often identifying the potential threats and the associated vulnerabilities to the organizations .Risk analysis doesn’t view the organization from the mission critical Business Process point of view. More over BIA perceives the organization from the impact that is going to occur for an organization if the critical business processes are interrupted or tampered
2. What is the difference between a Disaster Recovery Plan and a Business Continuity Plan?
Disaster recovery is the older of the 2 functions. DR planning is an essential part of business planning that – too often – gets neglected. Part of this has to do with the fact that making a Disaster Recovery plan requires a lot of time and attention from busy managers and executives from every functional department within the company. Business continuity is a newer term which was first popularized as a response to the Y2K bug. In order to stop your company from bleeding money in these situations, you need a plan that will allow the organization to continue generating revenue and providing services – although possibly with lower quality – on a temporary basis until the company has regained its bearings.
3. Typically, a business continuity plan is also a compilation or collection of other plans. What other
plans might a BCP and all supporting documents include?
Technical backup Plan: How can you recover smoothly from technical glitches? Communications Plan: What communication will facilitate this recovery?
4. What is the main difference between a Disaster Recovery Plan (DRP) and a Business Continuity Plan
Disaster recovery is the older of the 2 functions. Business continuity is a newer term which was first...

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