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Itt It 220chapter 1 Odd 1 Thru 50

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IT 220: Network Standards and Protocols
Chapter 1: Odd Questions Only 1-50

1. State whether the following network descriptions are describing a MAN, WAN or LAN:
a. A network of users that share computer resources in a limited area – LAN
b. A network of users that share computer resources across a metropolitan area – MAN
c. A network that connects local area networks across a large geographic area – WAN

3. Expand the acronym MAC – Media Access Control

5. Expand the acronym WAN – Wide Area Network

7. Define the term topology – Topology is the architecture of a network

9. A disadvantage of the token-ring system is that if an error changes the token pattern, it can cause the ...view middle of the document...

Cite three advantages of a wireless network – The three advantages of a wireless network are user mobility, simple installations and no cables.

25. What are the most common types of equipment that are used to establish a broadband connection to the ISP? a wired router, a switch and a broadband modem for a wired network connection, or a wireless router which serves as an access point, switch and broadband modem.

27. Why is checking the lights of the networking device that connects to the ISP important? Incorrect lights can indicate a connection problem with your cable modem, DSL modem, or telephone connection. Your ISP might also be having a problem, and you might need to call them to verify your connection.

29. What is a hotspot? A hotspot is a limited geographical area that provides wireless access for the public.

31. You have the choice of selecting a networking device with WEP and another with WPA. Which offers better security and why? WPA2 is a product certification issued by the Wi-Fi Alliance. It uses a stronger encryption than WPA and is also backward compatible with adapters using WPA.

33. What is the purpose of the SSID, and what can the network administrator do to protect the network from hackers who might have learned the SSID? The SSID is the name used to identify your network and is used by your access point or wireless router to establish an association. Establishing an association means that a wireless client can join the network. The SSID can be up to 32 characters and should be changed often so hackers who have figured out your SSID will no longer have access to your home network.

35. How does NAT (Network Address Translation) help protect outsider access to computers in the home network? The outsider sees only the router IP address because the IP addresses of the internal...

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