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ITT Technical Institute

NT2580 Introduction to Information Security Onsite Course


Credit hours: 4.5 Contact/Instructional hours: 56 (34 Theory Hours, 22 Lab Hours) Prerequisite(s) and/or Corequisite(s): Prerequisites: NT1330 Client-Server Networking II or equivalent, NT1430 Linux Networking or equivalent Course Description: This course provides an overview of security challenges and strategies of counter measures in the information systems environment. Topics include definitions of terms, concepts, elements and goals incorporating industry standards and practices with a focus on availability, vulnerability, integrity and confidentiality aspects of information systems.

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Risks, threats, and vulnerabilities found in a typical IT infrastructure 4. Security countermeasures for combating risks, threats, and vulnerabilities commonly found in an IT infrastructure 5. (ISC)2 Systems Security Certified Practitioner (SSCP®) Common Body of Knowledge – SSCP® domains 6. Six domains of the CompTIA Security+ certification

Course Objectives
1. Explain the concepts of information systems security as applied to an IT infrastructure. 2. Describe how malicious attacks, threats, and vulnerabilities impact an IT infrastructure. 3. Explain the role of access controls in implementing a security policy. 4. Explain the role of operations and administration in effective implementation of security policy. 5. Explain the importance of security audits, testing, and monitoring to effective security policy. 6. Describe the principles of risk management, common response techniques, and issues related to recovery of IT systems. 7. Explain how businesses apply cryptography in maintaining information security. 8. Analyze the importance of network principles and architecture to security operations. 9. Explain the means attackers use to compromise systems and networks and defenses used by organizations. 10. Apply international and domestic information security standards and compliance laws to realworld implementation in both the private and public sector.


Date: 2/12/2012

Introduction to Information Security


Learning Materials and References
Required Resources
Textbook Package New to this Course Carried over from Previous Course(s) Required for Subsequent Course(s)

Kim, David, and Michael G. Solomon. Fundamentals of Information Systems Security. 1st ed. Sudbury, MA: Jones & Bartlett, 2010. Printed NT2580 Student Lab Manual ISS Mock IT Infrastructure (2) – VM Server Farm (2 Windows Standard Servers 2003 and 2 Ubuntu Linux Servers) for classroom hands-on VM labs. (For both onsite and online) ISS Mock IT Infrastructure (2) – VM Workstation (Windows XP Professional Workstation with Core ISS Apps and Tools) for classroom hands-on VM labs. (For both onsite and online)

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Date: 2/12/2012

Introduction to Information Security


ISS Mock IT Infrastructure
The ISS Mock IT infrastructure was designed to mimic a real-world IT infrastructure consisting of the seven domains of a typical IT infrastructure.

Figure 1 – Seven Domains of Information Systems Security Responsibility The ISS Mock IT infrastructure consists of the following three major components:    Cisco Core Backbone Network VM Server Farm VM Instructor and Student Workstations

At the core of the ISS Mock IT infrastructure is a Cisco core backbone network using the CNS curriculum equipment (Cisco 2811/2801 routers, ASA5505s, and Catalyst 2950/2960 switches). The use of the Cisco core backbone network for both CNS and ISS provides a real-world, representation of a typical IT infrastructure. This also...

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