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Items You Never Want To Lose

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What do I want to keep for the rest of my life?

If people could keep something that is special them what would it be? Maybe something from their childhood, or maybe something from their family that has been passed down. The items I would keep that are special to me would be my grandmother’s quilt, my rings that my grandmother gave me, and my dad’s fishing poles. I chose these items because each one means a lot to me in their own ways. Many people would choose other items but these are items I would not want to lose.
One of the items I would want to keep would be my grandmother’s quilt. It is neatly folded in a grey cardboard box under my bed. The quilt is dark blue and light green with patterns of circles and squares. Its ...view middle of the document...

Another thing I would want to keep would be my rings that my grandmother gave me. They are in my jewelry box on my dresser in my room. They are gold and have three diamonds. The diamonds are white and very shiny, and have a big center stone and two smaller ones on the sides. My rings take me back to the smell of birthday cake, which when I received my rings on my birthday. They also remind me of the sound of people laughing and singing. When I got my rings they were wrapped in a velvet, tiny box. I was very shocked when I got these rings, I want to keep them because I want to pass them down to my grandchildren like my grandmother did for me.
Finally the last thing I want to keep with me the rest of my life would be, my dad’s fishing poles. They are in the garage in the back corner. They are old and rusty and aren’t worth anything to anyone else. But to me they are long, skinny, with red fishing line. They smell like rubber worms and moldy water. When I look at these fishing poles they remind me of the sound of water splashing when the cork hits the water. These poles also remind me of the taste of my dad frying the fish we caught that day. The touch of these poles are rough at the base and smooth at the top. I want to keep these poles because of the memories I made with my dad. This way I have a part of my dad with me wherever I go.
In conclusion, many people have some items they want to keep the rest of their lives and that mean something personal to them. But my grandmother’s quilt, my rings that my grandmother gave me, and my dad’s fishing poles mean the most to me of all the things I have. I want to keep them to always have a part of them in my life and remember all the good times we shared.

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