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It222 Unit 9 Assignment

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IT222 Unit 9 Assignment

A. authoritative restore
B. checkpoint file
C. Directory Services Restore Mode
D. fragmentation
E. garbage collection
G. system volume
H. tombstone
I. transaction buffer
J. Windows PowerShell
____H___ 1. This object is created when an object is deleted within Active Directory.
____I ___ 2. Active Directory changes are written here before they are committed to disk.
____J___ 3.This is a new advanced command-line and scripting interface included in Windows Server 2008.
____G___ 4.This volume houses the boot files for a Windows Server 2008 computer.
____E___ 5. This describes the process of removing tombstoned objects from the NTDS.DIT file.
____A___ 6. You will need to perform this operation if you have inadvertently deleted one or more Active Directory objects.
____F___ 7. This is a ...view middle of the document...

Multiple Choice
1. Which of the following backup types can be initiated by a member of the local Administrators group or a member of the local Backup Operators group on a Windows Server 2008 computer?
a. Manual backup
b. Scheduled backup
c. Full backup
d. Differential backup
2. The NTDS.DIT file is based on which database technology?
a. Structured Query Language (SQL)
b. Oracle
c. Extensible Storage Engine (ESE)
d. My*SQL
3. Which of the following commands can be used to configure Active Directory permissions from the command line?
a. LDP
b. Dsacls
c. Dcdiag
d. ADSI Edit

4. What runs automatically on a domain controller every 12 hours by default during the garbage collection process?
a. Offline defragmentation
b. Authoritative restore
c. Nonauthoritative restore
d. Online defragmentation
5. Which tool can you use to force a domain controller to start in Directory Services Restore Mode on its next reboot?
a. cmd.exe
b. bootmgr.exe
c. bcdedit.exe
d. dcpromo.exe
6. Which operation requires the Active Directory Domain Service to be taken offline?
a. Offline defragmentation
b. Online defragmentation
c. Garbage Collection
d. Transaction Buffering
7. Which of the following backup types can be initiated only by a member of the local Administrators group on a Windows Server 2008 computer?
a. Manual backup
b. Scheduled backup
c. Full backup
d. Differential backup

8. Which backup type will empty the Application log on the server that is being backed up?
a. Copy backup
b. Differential backup
c. Normal backup
d. VSS full backup
9. Which of the following volumes hosts the Windows operating system?
a. Boot volume
b. Shared volume
c. System volume
d. Host volume
10. When performing an authoritative restore of a user object that belongs to multiple Active Directory groups, what is restored by the LDF file that is generated by Ntdsutil?
a. Optional attributes
b. Mandatory attributes
c. Back-links
d. Security Identifier (SID)

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