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It Systems Essay

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Introduction to Information Systems

There is a structure that comes with information systems, ones that will be beneficial to our workers and to us as business owners. I will cover both that I feel will be the most applicable to our record store. I feel that we need multiple systems that will benefit us with accessibility and understanding of the systems,

The transaction processing system is the bottom part of the structure to use for the employees because it has many different unique uses. The TPS can collect, store, modify, and retrieve the transactions of an organization. It stores data in certain files that are able to be seen only by select individuals. There will be worker files only accessible by employees as well as manager and CEO files that only we can access. It offers many other useful tools such as rapid processing, batch processing, and real time processing.

Management information systems are above the transaction ...view middle of the document...

The decision support system or DSS is an interactive software-based system intended to help decision makers compile useful information from a combination of raw data, documents, and personal knowledge, or business models to identify and solve problems and make decisions. This system would help us so that is could help guide us in a right decision but from us as the owners we have our store managers to talk to and that is it. I feel this is a system that will require too much for us to learn and work with unless we went with this as the system of choice for us owners rather than the Executive information system.

The Executive information system is similar of the DSS only more of a custom/ specialized form of it. The EIS will help with all of its very useful components and applications. The applications are something I think will become very valuable to our business. Applications will help with analysis of marketing strategies, manufacturing strategies with buying more records and stocking inventory, and our financial analysis. This is the system only the two of us business owners will be able to operate. We have a few advantages and disadvantages I will list since this is the operating system we will be working with.
Advantages of EIS
 Easy for upper-level executives to use, extensive computer experience is not required in operations
 Provides timely delivery of company summary information
 Information that is provided is better understood
 Filters data for management
 Improves tracking information
 Offers efficiency to decision makers

Disadvantages of EIS
 System dependent
 Limited functionality, by design
 Information overload for some managers
 Benefits hard to quantify
 High implementation costs
 System may become slow, large, and hard to manage
 Need good internal processes for data management
 May lead to less reliable and less secure data

In conclusion I have explained our different systems we will be using in our shop. This will show the purpose and reasons why each system will be so effective. Look below at the pictures to understand the visualization of the structure and the different information systems.

Higher Archery of the systems structure

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