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: It Security And Disaster Recovery Management

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Trident University
Alfonso Nunez
Module 1 Case Assignment
ITM527: IT Security and Disaster Recovery Management
Dr. Kenneth Phillips
August 26, 2013

The Malcolm Baldrige National Quality has evolved from a means of recognizing and promoting exemplary quality management practices to a comprehensive framework for world class performance, widely used as a model for improvement. As such, its underlying theoretical framework is of critical importance, since the relationships it portrays convey a message about the route to competitiveness. This paper will compare how two schools us the support related to the validity of the Baldrige ...view middle of the document...

This baseline strategy is developed using some of the same processes but are not mirrored from each other. The entire strategic plan was reviewed, beginning with a stakeholder. With the mission, values, and state policy projections as a foundation develops recommended goals. Business and industry input and survey data from alumni and other stakeholders were gathered to determine external factors potentially affecting each universities future. Numerous focus groups and forums along with board are held with campus-wide groups to gather input from internal constituents regarding capabilities and needs. As information is synthesized, alternatives analyzed, and preliminary conclusions developed, the committee or board validates these analyses with internal and external stakeholders using the similar process of forums and focus groups. This iterative process enables the committees of each university to refine its plans, identify issues, and develop strategic plan recommendations to meet the needs of its internal and external constituents. This collaborative approach seems to balance priorities between the future needs of both university and with its internal and external stakeholders. Recommendations are then reviewed with the governance organizations and the committees, resulting in refinement. They both seem to developing the baseline strategy along with long-term strategic plan goals and performance measures.
Once the goals and performance measures are developed, the Governance committee IT strategic planning roles are to oversee the deployment and integration of the action plans, and to keep them updated with changing environmental conditions. The committees and boards, oversees the deployment and refinement of these plans. The process is continuous as long-term strategic goals are translated into short-term action plans through the annual budget process shown in each one of the universities detailed plans. Each university has a reviews process to be able to determine how each one is working. During these reviews, the committees and boards also refine its strategies with new analysis and to ensure that appropriate resources are balanced between short- and long-term plans.
Listed above is how UC Berkeley and UC Boulder strategic IT plans look very similar compare to each other and this is in part due to the Baldridge criteria that each university uses to come up with their plan.

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