It's Time To Abolish Religion Essay

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Can a society exist emancipated from religion? Will its foundations decay due to the absence of it, or will it flourish and achieve a new stratum of knowledge which will result in a peaceful co-existence? The word “religion” has its roots in the Latin word “religare” which means to bind together, or to connect; on the contrary I argue religion has been an apparatus of division, rather than achieving collectivism, thus doing much more harm than good. History represents the bloody warfare instigated and propagated in the name of religion; it is the antithesis of peace and unity. Religion has imposed limitations upon development of knowledge; therefore hampering the growth of human faculties, ...view middle of the document...

Karl Marx quoted “religion is the opiate of masses.” He believed the bourgeoisie class used religion as a means to control and oppress the proletariat class; however, the governing system may have evolved in the past years, the theory is still applicable to majority of societies today. Individuals who occupy powerful positions within society often resort to using religion as means to subjugate and oppress the people belonging to minority groups; the most transparent example is the birth of caste system within the religious dogmas of Hinduism which is demonizing the Indian society still today. Implementation of religion in social and political institutions is a method powerful people use to legitimize their oppression, which creates further havoc upon the society; because it is no longer administered by a neutral governing body, consequently it is serving the interests of few powerful individuals, meanwhile ignoring the rest of the populace. The unbalance created by religion continually disturbs all facets of society, be it political, or social sphere; the result is ongoing tension among the inhabitants eventually leading to revolutionary mindset. The separation of religion and state is an integral element in securing a society in which all are treated equally under the law, no one is permitted to use religious doctrine to persecute and oppress others, and if they do they are punishable under the law which governs the majority and minority alike.

Religion is inculcated in individuals from a very young age, and it inhibits the growth of human faculties, such as reason; It successfully captures the mind and imprisons it by imposing predetermined dogmas upon it, therefore an individual loses the ability to question and doubt , hence losing the aptitude to distinguish between the truth and a lie. Religion thrives on ignorance; on the contrary knowledge is its...

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