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It's The Cake Essay

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It's the Cake

The title above comes from a comment made by author Jerry Hirschberg. "Creative activity [isn't] the icing on the cake. Human creativity is the cake." Getting a bite of this cake is what proves to be frustrating for some people. Simply put, there isn't one sure-fire method to achieve creative success. However, there are certainly underlying attitudes and patterns that one can perceive in creative people, (and in this most humble of papers), I will attempt to show to you through texts such as Hirschberg's The Creative Priority and my own forays with Madame Creatividad that experiencing creativity is simply a matter of opening yourself up to the world around you.

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" How fantastic it is for a man seeking creativity to finally experience it so fully through creative flux!.

Of course, not all people seem to like cake all that much. Unlike Hirschberg, who was seeking to incorporate creativity and creative flux into his life, there are those who can be rather stubborn and stupid, denying themselves the experience of feasting upon that delicate sweetness that creativity brings. I was one of those people.

Many years ago, I was a child learning to play the exciting game of tennis. I was an extremely stubborn child (if you ask my mother I still am) and I was convinced that after just a few months of playing, I had achieved a level of perfection superior to that of my coaches. I refused to listen to any of them; after all, I wanted to swing the racket my way, I wanted to move around the court my way and most importantly, I wanted to win my way. In short, I was totally shutting off the flow of creative flux. Believe me, I was getting no cake at all. It took many bitter tears of frustration (and ample losses) for me to begin to realize that perhaps it was a good idea to listen to those around me. Sure enough, taking into consideration the help offered by my coaches and my peers improved my game exponentially. Far more importantly, I realized that emulation isn't necessarily copying: in taking the advice of those around me, I not only developed sound technique but also found a unique style of my own. This point is tremendously important: opening yourself to creative flux does not by any stretch of the imagination mean that you are just assimilating the ideas around you. Creative flux is the gate to being able to apply the entire human experience to your own and at the same time allows you to add your own drop of water. I like to think of it as a stimulant-type process: ideas from my environment flow in to my thought processes, my primal instinct, and my heart. It is from this stimulation of the various parts of my psyche that my inner being naturally conduces itself towards fresh ideas I can claim as my own. After all, it took a fairly solid `environmental knock' for Newton to come up with his ideas regarding the force exerted by gravity. Creative flux can be quite potent.

Of course this potency can never be experienced if the roadblocks associated with creative flux are not removed by the individual. Not all the roadblocks to creative flux are as straightforward as mere stubbornness. It is not uncommon to see people shutting off the faucet of creative flux because of an innate sense that some creativity is not utilitarian. An assertion that some creative processes are not useful is not only presumptuous, but utterly mistaken. Let me reiterate that: all creative processes are utilitarian. Not always in the way one might expect it to be, but being creative always yields purpose to someone, somewhere. It is important to note though, that the converse is not always true: things meant to be...

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