It’s Easier To Stick Together: International Students In Us Colleges And Their Lack Of Adaptation To The American Culture

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It’s easier to stick together: International students in US colleges and their lack of adaptation to the American culture.
The number of international students enrolling in Americans colleges is greatly increasing every year. According to the IIE (Institute of International Education), 819,644 students were enrolled in the USA in 2012/2013 and their number increases by about seven percent every year. Chinese, Indians and South Koreans constitute the majority of them but nonetheless over 100 different countries are represented within the international student population. This study will follow a phenomenon that can be seen at Minnesota State University Mankato within this ...view middle of the document...

Little studies have been done about international students. Their population keeps on growing and creating a new type of cultural sense to the American society. It is hard to understand them as a population with its own culture and customs since each one of them come from over a hundred different countries with already a deeply anchored culture on its own. However international students do have something in common: culture shock and adaptation. As a unity, they are all going through the same struggles as well as have the same need for acceptance and blending in.
A few types of international students can be seen as MNSU. First, the exchange students (under a J-1 visa) are studying in their home country but are taking part to a program that allows them to come to MNSU for a semester to a year. They have a tendency to be less attached to America and their patriotism is stronger since they don’t have as much of a need for acceptation within the US culture. Secondly we have IELI (Intensive English language institute) students (under a F1 visa) who had a score on their TOEFL from 60 to 45 (ITS) and are then not eligible to study at MSU unless they go through this program. This program is made to improve their English either during the summer, before the semester starts, or during the semester with all American students. They are eligible to earn credits but only if when they are done with their program. They usually seek a degree in America, thus stay for four years or more. Lastly International students and transfer students (under a F-1 visa) stay until they earn their degree. They are called degree seeking students and had a score on the TOEFL ITS of 61 or above. I will focus on the later as they are fulfilling the most my criteria. I think as an international student myself that it is categorical for our population to be more involved in the American society and vice versa. This is why I think that it is important to study international students as an entity.
RQ1 Why do International students tend to stay among their peers?
RQ2 Why are International students so hesitant to immerge themselves into American culture?

“International education promotes the relationship building and knowledge exchange between people and communities in the United States and around the world that are necessary to solve global challenges,” said Evan M. Ryan, Assistant Secretary of State for Educational and Cultural Affairs. It is indeed important to mix cultures in order to see the big picture. By hearing different standpoint you tend to have a more broad and large understanding of the world that surrounds you. In the world that we live and more specifically in the era that we live in, it is crucial to have an understanding of different cultures and society. Our world develops itself and communication oversea is primordial in most businesses nowadays. It is then important to understand and develop our culture by sharing our...

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