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It Project Roles Essay

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Roles and Responsibilities for IT Projects
Project Title | [type the project title here] |
Project Manager | |
Document Version & Change History
& Update Date | | |

Title | Role | Name |
Project Sponsor | Commissions the team to deliver the project and champions the cause throughout the project. Typically a senior member of staff with a relevant area of responsibility that will be affected by the outcome of the project. This may be a senior executive, director, or program manager. The sponsor is continually involved, including defining the project and actively reviewing the progress. | (Name of Individual) |
Responsibilities |
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Works with the project sponsor to define the project scope & team members and reports on risks, issues and progress on a regular basis. The project manager’s goals are focused on delivering the project on time, on scope, within budget and to the required quality standard. | (Name of Individual) |
Responsibilities |
* Actively manages, communicates and mitigates project risks and issues and escalates when necessary. * Manages sponsor, stakeholder and team expectations throughout the project * Provides detailed project planning documentation
(Project Charter, Risk Management Log, Status Reports, Schedule, Budget, etc.) * Develops and maintains a comprehensive project plan, in keeping with the size and complexity as mutually agreed upon by the PMO organization and the Project Sponsor. * Responsible for managing the execution of all project milestones/deliverables. * Provides leadership and actively manages the project team resources within the confines of the project. * Organizes Inter-Departmental work groups and team meetings, when necessary. * Monitors project progress; individual and team performance against work estimates and assists when necessary to ensure that the project stays on schedule, cost, scope and quality. * Manages project scope and change control and escalates issues where necessary * Provides status reports to the project sponsor. As a liaison to the project sponsor. * Manages, applies and reports budgeted and approved Project Sponsor discretionary funds in a prudent manner, for sponsor, stakeholder and team building exercises, essential cross-training and skills building needs, milestone/goal accomplishments, special planning meetings, organizational sessions, etc. * When requested, provides a performance feedback loop to “Resource Managers” for all project Team members, which can be helpful for the employee performance and personal development review process. * Resolves cross-functional issues at project level, escalates where necessary * Manages project training within the defined budget. * Provides Team Building exercises, cross training and skills building opportunities that develops a highly productive, adaptive, motivated and creative team which builds cooperation, respect, Team and Self focus, openness, respect and commitment * Works closely with users to ensure the project meets business needs. |

Title | Role | Name |
Project Stakeholders | This group includes individuals and organizations that are actively involved in the project or may be affected positively or negatively by the outcome of the project. | (Name of Individual) |
Responsibilities |
* Provides advice, risk related communication or feedback for the project including, functional requirements, deliverables or other issues. * May serve on the steering committee or work group to guide the work of the project. * Provides access to segments of the community, while requiring limited...

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