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‘It Is Our Relationships With Others That Help To Define Us.’

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In trying to make sense of ourselves we often look to others and our relationships with them to aid us. Our first relationships are with our family. Their influence is often paramount to our self- definition. These relationships can give us a sense of who we are and where we have come from and it is often comforting to know we are part of something bigger. Often these relationships are positive, but they can also be negative. Being rejected by our family is not desirable but it can have a tremendous impact on who we are and how we live our lives. It can test our strength of character. As we move through to adulthood and start to gain a greater insight into who we are, we often look to ...view middle of the document...

In the end of the film when Sandra’s children question why she bothers look for her white family, Sandra said ‘You never stop needing your parents, they are party of who you are.’ For me, my parents influenced me a lot. For example, my father is an Electrical and when I chose the subject my first chose is physical and what I want to be an Electrical the same as my father.
Where we find happiness is where we belong. Sometimes we need try to find we really belonging, where people accept us and kind for us. In the film Skin, Sandra was rejected by her father because of her fail in love with Petrus. When she was rejected by her family she felt sad and confused, but she felt she did not belong white group she will never accepted by the white people, she felt happy when she stay with Petrus, she had been asked Petrus ‘how could you do that make me feel better’ what Petrus did is just accepted her. When she rejected by her family Sandra chose elopes with Petrus and found out that she was belong to black community. What Sandra did is try to find where she really belonging, where she will be treat equality and be accepted. When Petrus found out that Sandra keep in touch with her mother, he got angry with Sandra he suspected her loyalty, he rejected her, and Sandra had to take her two children left Petrus, try to find other place where will gave her happiness and made her felt belonging. In the end of the film said that two of Sandra’s brothers Leon and Adriaan they reject...

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