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It Is Okay To Cry For Work

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1. What factors do you think make some organizations ineffective at managing emotions?
There are many factors that make some organizations ineffective at managing emotions in the workplace, such as personality issues or depression or different culture or lack of management involvement with employees. It is hard to help them when they keep it as a secret and not willing to tell anyone. Each person may not act in the same way in a same situation due to cultural background (Robbin 2013). As a result, organizations face difficulties when they are handling with their employee’s emotions. In addition, sometimes leaders of the organizations cannot control their own emotions as well, since everyone has his/her difficulties and bad mood in sometimes.
On the other hand, emotions are considered disruptive which they felt interfered with employees’ ability to work in organizations. Employees are not allowed to express frustration within the workplace, but they didn’t realize that ...view middle of the document...

Also, managers should keep strong connections with workforce and communicate with employees, making sure they feel comfortable to talk to their managers anything on their mind. On the other hand, when leaders themselves are in good moods, group member are more positive, as a result, they cooperate better (Robbin2013).

3. Have you ever worked where emotions were used as part of a management style? Describe the advantages and disadvantages of this approach in your experience.
Actually, I haven’t. When I had an internship in a media company, that is my first job in my life and I had no working experience, so I treat it as a valuable experience, I listen to my manager and do whatever manager said and showing positive emotion everyday at workplace.
Advantage of using emotions as part of a management style is to avoid misunderstanding between employees. Facial expressions and body languages can show their emotions and moods. Using emotions can help employee to know everyone’s personalities as well. When people show proper and positive motions can make the working environment more vivid and make employees more satisfaction, working in a relaxing workplace.
However, if employers were overreact their emotions at the workplace, such as humiliate or conflict with employees in the organization whenever they show dislike emotions. It will hurt employees’ feeling and make them in a negative motion. Also rumors bring negative emotions that makes workforce uncomfortable and fear, it will slow down their work.

4. Research shows that acts of coworkers (37 percent) and management (22 percent) cause more negative emotions for employees than do acts of customers (7 percent). What can Laura’s company do to change its emotional climate?
In my point of view, first, improve communication between employees and managers, get involved with employees, try to understand and solve their problem and avoid displays of negative emotions, make workforce to trust you and feel comfortable at the workplace. Second, managers can use humor and give their employees small tokens of appreciation for work well done. Also, when leaders themselves are in good moods, group members are more positive; as a result, they cooperate better (Robbins 2013, p113). Third, hold activities to build up relationships, make employees feel part of member in a team.

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