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It Is Dangerous To Trust Only Intelligence

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As we live with various benefits from this high-tech world, many people are likely to trust intelligence rather than what seems to be not intelligent. Since even movies and TV programs frequently show the process of resolving complicated problems by using logic, it seems that logical thinking is the only answer to all questions. However, it is intensely dangerous to trust only intelligence because we often reach deadlock which only can be broken by following our hearts rather than using brain. Moreover, intelligence itself is sometimes misleading if we don’t pay heed of it. Also, it is better to listen to a man of experience than crack a book in some cases.
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In other words, it draws people into making fallacy when people completely trust it, even though it seems to be noticeably reliable. It often happens especially when we analyze data for pulling a conclusion out from it. There are several possible situations of mistakenly using data for making decision. People may get wrong data for a certain issue, or construe a just part of information as a whole thing because that is all what they have studied. Those fallacies are commonly befalling data analysis if we don’t pay close attention to it. For example, when Coca-cola was first made and released to people, it contained cocaine, as its name denotes. The inventor of Coca-cola knew about cocaine only partially, and he thought cocaine was great ingredient for drinks because cocaine, in his theory, allays pain and any unpleasant symptom and even makes people feel better. His biggest mistake is that he relied on data of cocaine which was not enough and trusted only his logic.
Lastly, listening to predecessor’s lessons is sometimes more useful than using our brains to find the answer to many questions. Furthermore, since they have let us know the wisdom they had realized from their noteworthy experiences in form of a proverb or a maxim, so we can easily get it. The case of Walmart is one of the best examples of this. Walmart has greatly succeeded in their business as a big...

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